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Welcome to Menstrie

Keeping Menstrie's walking and cycling paths clean

Council staff visiting the Menstrie-Cambus path in mid April at Menstrie Community Council's request found large amounts of litter, garden waste, dog fouling, and felled trees and branches dumped on the verges.

Most of the visible dog fouling was already bagged and very close to the bins at the crossing and just past the bridge. Please just go that extra tiny step and we can all enjoy better surroundings and reduce the risk of disease. Remember dog faeces can cause blindness in children if a pregnant woman comes in contact with it!!

Trees growing on the embankment reduce erosion and are good for wildlife. DIY tree surgery and poorly stacked timbers are dangerous for the people doing it and for everyone else too.

Every pound of council tax payers' money spent on extra clearing is a pound lost to other services. The Scottish Government has recently announced increased penalties: £80 for littering and £200 for fly tipping. If someone fails to pay their fixed penalty, the case can go to court with up to a £40,000 fine. More information: PDF, 3MB

If you want to report any dumping, please get in touch through the 24 hour, seven day a week Dumpers hotline on 08452 30 40 90,or online via https://secure.clacksweb.org.uk/reportit/environment.php

Tips on how to make the most of your garden waste service are on the Council's website at http://www.clacksweb.org.uk/environment/brownbins/

Remember the Scottish Outdoor Access Code :

Damage to the Polytunnel

Following the damage done to the Community Garden polytunnel, five youths all under the age of 16 have been charged with the offence. Four of these youths were local and the police reported that the parents of the youths were very supportive. The Community Council would like to see the youths carrying out some work in the Community Garden as some recompense for the damage they caused but this is not something that the Police or Court can impose.

Criminal Justice Community Payback Scheme

The Criminal Justice Community Payback Scheme is a way for offenders to give back to the community. These orders can be imposed for periods of between 6 months and 3 years and depending on the seriousness of the offence can include up to 300 hours of unpaid work to be completed within 6 months.

Not everyone is sympathetic to this form of justice but Menstrie Community Council would just like to comment on the fact that this scheme has been very beneficial to the village. The people involved on the scheme have work very hard in Menstrie Wood doing hard and onerous jobs that would otherwise not be undertaken. In the past few years they have spent hours clearing undergrowth and removing young seedlings which choke fresh growth.

This year we have had help with the Community Garden Project in which they built two of our raised beds and we hope to continue to benefit from the service in the future.

Help prevent crime

Crimestoppers  tel: 0800 555 111 |d|

To provide information in confidence, visit the Crimestoppers web site where you may fill in a special form on-line. Crimestoppers guarantee complete anonymity: No-one can find out who gives information about crime by this method.
Or, contact Crimestoppers Scotland on 0800 555 111.

SEPA: flood risk maps

screen shot of map of flooding potential near Menstrie |d|
Screen shot of SEPA's map showing likelihood of flooding near Menstrie.
This image links to a larger version of the image.
Use the browser's 'Back' button to return here.

SEPA, the Scottish Environmental Protection Agency, has released on-line maps showing the sources and potential impacts of flooding. The live maps are available at this link, with information on understanding what they show and don't show. For instance:

More minutes in Menstrie

To find out what concerns Menstrie-dwellers, and what's happening about it, take a look at the minutes of the Community Council.

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July 2014

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