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Welcome to Menstrie

Community Council meeting

No meeting was held on Tuesday 14th April 2015.

Police Constable Johnny McRitchie had supplied a report.

Regulating traffic in Menstrie

Clacks Council has proposed the following traffic regulation orders:

One-way traffic, various streets

This would affect Castle Road, Menstrie Place and Elmbank for a period of twelve months as an experiment to determine the effect of one-way traffic operation in reducing traffic congestion within the area.
ref: OW007GW 5-6-1088

Bus prohibition, various streets

This would affect Brook Street, Millbrook Place, Castle Road and Elmbank for a period of twelve months as an experiment for the purposes of road safety and would prohibit local buses and vehicles for more than eight passengers. It would not prohibit motor vehicles for up to sixteen passengers, specially adapted for the transport of people with disabilities.
ref: BR002GW 5-6-1089

20 mph Speed limit, Hillfoots Road

This would apply to Hillfoots Road from its junction with Long Row for a distance of 170 metres past Damsburn, Loaning bank, and Broomhall Lodge.
ref: SL090GW 5-6-1090

The deadline for objections has passed and the signs are now in place. (Mid-April, 2015)

Basic computer skills

friendly computer The classes, lasting 8 sessions, will teach some basic computer skills including using a keyboard, sending an email, searching the internet and using word processing software. The classes will run on Thursdays, 26th March - 14th May at 1.45 - 3.45 pm in Menstrie's Dumyat Centre.

To book a place, phone 01259 769439.

Hospital bus services H1, H2

GO sign, image Crown copyright |d| Bus sign, image Crown copyright The H1 and H2 bus services are safe and will continue to run until March 2018. From 3rd January 2015 it will be serviced by the company to win the current tendering process. The same timetable, route and type of bus will be used. It is hoped that by March 2018 a new service will have been created in conjunction with NHS Forth Valley, Clackmannanshire Council, the private and voluntary sectors. The group's local and rural service will link with the service provided by NHS Scotland from Shillinghill in Alloa.

Help prevent crime

Crimestoppers  tel: 0800 555 111 |d|

To provide information in confidence, visit the Crimestoppers web site where you may fill in a special form on-line. Crimestoppers guarantee complete anonymity: No-one can find out who gives information about crime by this method.
Or, contact Crimestoppers Scotland on 0800 555 111.

More minutes in Menstrie

To find out what concerns Menstrie-dwellers, and what's happening about it, take a look at the minutes of the Community Council.

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April 2015

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