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Welcome to Menstrie

Community Council consultation

Clackmannanshire Council has just initiated the first stage of a public consultation process on the operational framework within which community councils work. There are on-line questionnaires on the council's web site. Two can be found in the same 'Community Councils' consultation in the consultation database on Clacksweb consultation finder, searching for Community Councils.

The first part of the consultation asks if the boundaries for each community council reflect natural communities of people and what membership numbers should be. At present, Menstrie stretches from the border with Stirling district eastwards to the Balquharn Burn and from the north edge of Menstrie wood and the Old Wharry Burn in the Ochils to the River Devon in the south. It incudes Kerry's factory, Menstrie Bond and "The DCL", but not Balquharn Farm and associated cottages.

The maximum number of community councillors in each community council varies according to area. Membership numbers have to be great enough to ensure broad representation but not too high to be impractical. Currently, community councils can only function if they have half the maximum composition or more. Currently, Menstrie is allowed up 14 members.

The other questionnaire is for people who want to share their attitudes to community activity and the part it plays in their lives.

The findings from this first stage of consultation will be presented to a meeting of Clackmannanshire Council before the second stage, on community council elections and other aspects of governance, begins.

Menstrie Community Futures

Our Community Action Plan 2017 - 2022

Community Views Wanted - Have Your Say!
We would be grateful if you could take a few minutes to answer the questions in this survey. We want to find out what people think about Menstrie and how it could be improved as a place to live in, work in, or visit.

Your views really matter......

The results of the survey will be used to put together a five-year Community Action Plan that reflects community views and which will be a guide for the Community Council in representing the community and for all community groups in taking forward projects that matter most for local people.

Having a Community Action Plan will help us to work in partnership with Clackmannanshire Council and other organisations to get things done locally. It will also be very useful to support grant applications for our priority projects.

Who is carrying out the Survey?

The survey is being organised by Menstrie Community Futures Steering Group - which brings together volunteers from the Community Council, community groups and other interested residents.

The Community Council with support from Foundation Scotland successfully achieved funding from Local Energy Scotland and Clackmannanshire Council. STAR Development Group has been appointed to work with us to develop your Community Action Plan.

If you have any queries, please contact Linda Matheson - Tel: 07412 689608

Find out the Results of the Survey and vote for your Priority Projects.....

The findings of this survey and further community consultation will be presented at a Community Event and Exhibition to be held on Sunday 4th June 2017.

The survey is being delivered and collected by our team of volunteers to all households in Menstrie CC area. One of our survey team will be back to pick it up.


Survey forms can also be returned The Forge Tearoom
Or can be completed on line at

Funding for this project has been provided by Local Energy Scotland and Clackmannanshire Council
Foundation Scotland administers the Burnfoot Hill Windfarm Community Benefit Fund
STAR Development Group provides expertise in Community Action Planning

Police appeal for information

Share the way No motor vehicles Local adults and young persons have been riding motorbikes on paths meant for pedestrians, prams, pedal cycles and pet owners. Routes include the path to Cambus and the Community Woodland as well as similar places across the Wee County.

This is an ongoing issue and the police ask members of the community for information which might help identify the riders.

Please phone 101 with any information you can provide about these bikes such as colour, size and where they are stored. Registration number (if any !) would be useful, too.

Hospital bus services H1, H2

GO sign, image Crown copyright |d| Bus sign, image Crown copyright The H1 and H2 bus services are safe and will continue to run until March 2018. From 3rd January 2015 it will be serviced by the company to win the current tendering process. The same timetable, route and type of bus will be used. It is hoped that by March 2018 a new service will have been created in conjunction with NHS Forth Valley, Clackmannanshire Council, the private and voluntary sectors. The group's local and rural service will link with the service provided by NHS Scotland from Shillinghill in Alloa.

Help prevent crime

Crimestoppers  tel: 0800 555 111 |d|

To provide information in confidence, visit the Crimestoppers web site where you may fill in a special form on-line. Crimestoppers guarantee complete anonymity: No-one can find out who gives information about crime by this method.
Or, contact Crimestoppers Scotland on 0800 555 111.

More minutes in Menstrie

To find out what concerns Menstrie-dwellers, and what's happening about it, take a look at the minutes of the Community Council.

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May, 2017

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