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Menstrie Community Council

Message from the Community Council Chairman, December 2009

Once again we approach the festive season, Christmas Trees, lights, singing, mulled wine. Well at least that's what we will be doing on December 17th, as we enjoy Carols round the tree. It seems we get more and more each year enjoying this with us. Of course, the visit from a certain person might influence the children but personally I think it's the adults who enjoy it the most.

We have enjoyed a wonderful year so far. Our Nova Scotia visitors left with a huge amount of praise and thanks for the village and its people, following the welcome they received here and they are already planning their next visit.

As a Community Council we are involved in the planning stages, and have secured the funding, for the Dumyat extension. Work will commence in the New Year with a completion date promised at the end of May 2010.This has probably been one of the most extensive campaigns we have ever encountered but we hope the end result will be worth it.

Also in planning is next year's Gala Week. As always, finding new things to do and keeping the children entertained is at the forefront of our minds and we are always open to suggestions. If you know of any talented groups who might care to come along they would be made very welcome.

After the huge success of the Duck Race this year it has been put back on the calendar but this time on Easter Sunday with an Egg Hunt and Egg Painting Competition.

On the Sunday that starts our Fete and Gala Week we intend to hold a "Gathering in the Gardens" with music for all. So anyone out there who can play an acoustic instrument please come forward and join us.

Work on the woodland path should start soon in order to relieve the constant stream of water that runs down over it. I would ask, however, that if you live along the path and have vehicular access, please take care not to drive along the route of the culvert. Damage has been done by this and it simply chokes the culvert and causes other residents problems.

Once again, as always, I would appeal for help, with the Gala, Woodlands and the Village Tidy in April. There is so much to be done. Our small committee cannot do it all and once you are out in the open air it really is great fun.

I will take this opportunity on behalf of the Community Council, to wish everyone a Happy Christmas and Peaceful New Year.

Les Sharp, Chairman
Menstrie Community Council

December 2009

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