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Menstrie Community Council

Message from the Chair, September 2011

Once again we approach our AGM (4th October) with another busy year under our belt at the Community Council. I often sit back (not literally!) and think how far we have come with improving our village and the benefits it brings.

Some of these are not necessarily obvious; trees cut back, goal posts painted etc, but some really are making a difference to people's daily lives; the new hospital bus coming through the village and stopping at every stop may not seem a great achievement but without some determined work and effort by Linda Matheson, we would not have this service. As Chair I can only thank her for her persistence and work.

The Council couldn't provide us with our floral displays so we took them on ourselves. Maybe we weren't award winning standard this year but, as they say, "watch this space". If anyone can assist us, either financially or literally by planting with us, please get in touch. I must thank all those who have offered their help so far.

On a slightly different note it is time for my annual 'rant'. This time I have two: The first is dog fouling on the streets, park and gardens and on the woodland paths. It is probably one of the worst things to come across ever! Our kids (and adults) play and run about on all these areas, and to have to scrape dog poo off your shoes is horrendous. Disposable bags are free from the Dumyat Centre. Please, dog owners, be responsible and lift your dog's poo from the ground. There are bins throughout the village for disposal. If they are full, phone me and I will ensure they are emptied.

My second rant is about the woodlands; the whole of the village owns the woodlands yet an unthinking few seem to feel free to use it as a rubbish tip, it's not!

Dumping your rubbish - this includes garden waste - is fly tipping.

The Council provides bins for all such waste which is then recycled. Please use this facility rather than our beautiful woodlands. It is left to others to clean it up and it destroys our landscape.

Enough of that but please take note.

Our next event will be the Carols Around the Christmas Tree. Please watch for the notices or our web site; www.menstrie.org for the date that we will be putting the tree up. Would strong guys and decorative geniuses please attend: They are desperately needed.

Throughout the winter the Gala Committee will be running Bingo Teas and we also hope to hold Table Top Sales again. Watch out for posters and announcements in the local papers.

Everyone is welcome to attend the AGM in the Dumyat Centre at 7pm on Tuesday October 4th.

Les Sharp, Chairman
Menstrie Community Council

September 2011

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