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Menstrie Community Council

Message from the Chair, November 2011

As we are now in the colder, dark nights, summer seems such a long way away, but in the scheme of Community Council life , next year is already on the menu.

Our Gala Committee has already met, planning a great week of events leading up to the day itself on Saturday 9th June with a grand day already in the pipeline. I believe Andrew has already ordered some great weather for the day!!

We are also planning to have bigger and better floral diplays next year. If anyone wants to get involved with either growing on plants, filling baskets and tubs, or simply providing funding to enable this to happen, please get in touch: It is always such a delight to see the village looking stunning through the summer months.

I would also like to take this time to thank all of you who get involved with the various activities through the year. It does take a great deal of work to make all the events happen, with everything from the hard labour to the admin bits: It all takes time and effort, but it is very rewarding when the plan comes together.

This is being written in the 'earlyish' days of November but by the time you are reading it, our local library should be in the final throes (or finished) a major overhaul, providing a much more pleasant experience for readers and browsers alike.

The children's area will be much safer and interesting, well worth the effort to get your kids along and enjoy the books that are in there for them. For us older ones, there will be a far better book selection on offer, better seating and the chance to come in from the cold and have a coffee whilst browsing newspapers or the internet. Please remember that the internet and computer facilities are there free of charge, along with copying and scanning (for a little charge). Do make the library your port of call for information or pleasure reading; the staff will gladly attempt to obtain books/material for you and often run competitions for the children to get involved with.

I was rightly taken to task after my last rant about dog poo! So I do apologise. Whilst I still maintain my stance that irresponsible owners should take more ownership of their pets, I did a disservice to the many dog owners who are responsible and regularly lift or shift their pets' droppings from pavements, paths and public amenity areas. Clackmannanshire Council provide as many disposable bags, which are bio-degradable, free of charge, for your use with the many bins around the village. Available from The Dumyat Centre, any time it is open, the bags provide a safe, convenient way of disposing of the poo, ensuring that not only are our streets and byways clean, but that our children are safe from the harm of the infections that dog poo can cause.

As we approach the festive season, please come along and join us at the Carols Round the Christmas Tree. It is a lovely atmosphere, well worth the effort, with adults and children singing Christmas Carols together on, usually a chilly evening, (a visit from a special per- son), followed by mulled wine and hot mince pies in the Church hall.

It is apt to take this opportunity to wish each and everyone of you a very Happy Christmas and a Healthy, Prosperous and Happy New Year for 2012.

Les Sharp, Chairman
Menstrie Community Council

November 2011

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