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Menstrie Community Council

Message from the (Retired) Chair, September 2012

As you will gather this will be the last report from me as Chair of the Community Council, and it has been an absolute privilege to have held the post for the last six years and to have achieved the vast amount of work done within the village during that time.

This could be an opportunity to list all the good things that the Community Council has achieved but I suspect you are all very aware of those. I would like however, to take a line or two to exemplify some of the outstanding work that members do on a day to day basis with little or no acknowledgement or praise.

There is a vast amount of unseen work goes on for the betterment of Menstrie. Caroline Crawford, as Secretary, represents the interest of the village on very many bodies and keeps us all informed of what is happening. Linda Matheson is the editor of Menstrie Matters and works tirelessly to ensure we all have our 'copy' in on time and that our advertisers (to whom we are extremely grateful) have their ads ready and cash paid. Stan Paterson is a stalwart of the Council and, up until recently, Vice Chair and has supported me since his election. Of course there is our treasurer, Judy Collier, who keeps a tight control of the purse strings. This mention does not exclude anyone. All members have a part to play and are an invaluable part of the Council's organisation.

There is one group which does deserve a special mention and that's our Gala Committee led by Andrew Noon. The team work incredibly hard to make our Fete week and Gala Day come to fruition and without their dedication there would be no summer events at all in our village.

As the Community Council elections approach I urge everyone to have a think about standing for membership. It is very worthwhile and brings so much to our small community. Without our Community Councillors, so much of what we expect to happen and enjoy could disappear from our community life. Please make an effort and get involved. Should you be thinking about it but are still unsure, give me a call to discuss any aspect or commitment that concerns you. My numbers and emails are on Menstrie's website, www.menstrie.org and on Clacksweb or simply chap my door.

Community Election information can be found on these websites and in the local newspapers.

Les Sharp

September 2012

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