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County Councillor

From Les Sharp to the Community Council, January 2013

May I first of all wish everyone a very Happy New Year for 2013 and hope that the year will bring prosperity and peace to all.

It has obviously been a fairly quiet time at the Council but there are some items which may be of interest:

Budget challenges, Dumyat Centre

Of specific interest is the proposed reduction in hours at the Dumyat Centre. Whilst there are no actual times proposed as yet, it will be based on the quieter periods as highlighted by staff. So far it looks as though there will still be two full days: evenings and Saturdays; How the other three days are to be configured awaits confirmation.


Through discussions with the developer it has been possible to allocate an immediate one-off payment of £7k as an interim solution to the funding share issue. The whole funding share will be reviewed on the resolution of the current application for further turbines. The Secretary has been informed of contact details for the future.

Community garden

I have been in contact with Kenny Ingles. There are 8 benches and 20 or 30 sleepers available at Glenochil; I will have to clear this with S. Crawford and will do so tomorrow. He has also offered any practical help and /or specific tools we may need to borrow. The issue of VAT is with Nikki Bridle who is looking into feasibility as is Garry Dallas regarding the lease. I will report back as soon as any developments arise. I have also made preliminary enquiries as to whether CPO may be available for some of the work in the garden (building the raised beds, etc) and will report back.

Lasmans yard

I have been promised that this will be cleaned up. Someone has phoned me twice and left a message but no return number. Again I will follow this through.

Councillor Les Sharp

January 2013

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