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County Councillor

From Les Sharp to Community Council, February 2015

This is the main focus at the moment at the Council with efforts being made to look at how we can do things differently to accommodate the income we receive. Whilst the proposals are officer-based there are a number of initiatives that will be taken to ensure we can proceed in a more sustainable way.

Following the AGM of the group and discovering some money in the 'pot', Donald Forbes and I took a walk along the burn to see what work had not been carried out fully. The banks and walls to the north of the road bridge have not been touched so these are to be looked at with a view to removing self-sown shrubs, clearing brambles and, where possible, wall repairs.

To the south of the bridge, Donald is to see about crown topping the trees to open up the view. I also asked that he looked at the woodland path as I feel not enough has been done to extend the path to Red Carr. There are areas where it is difficult to navigate. He is to walk the path then report back.

Woodland path
I had reports, following the recent windy spell, of fallen trees and branches that were blocking the path. David and I were up a couple of weeks ago and cleared the path. The timber is stacked at the path side should anyone wish to uplift it. There are, however, some trees along the path that could do with trimming back and felling. They are not presenting a danger yet but will not last much longer. I would propose we get a work group together before they come back into leaf. There are also a number choked with ivy. Anyone walking could take a pair of secateurs with them and simply cut a band 6" wide into the ivy around the tree. This aids with dieback and allows the tree to recover.

I have new flags for both the poles in Nova Scotia gardens and also for the castle. While the gardens are no problem, to change the flagpole at the castle is not a single-handed job. I am happy to change the flag but need a couple of volunteers to help.

My surgeries continue to be well attended with a wide variety of subject matter. Housing and Neighbour ASB are the more current issues, with parking around Menstrie Place still being an issue. There have been reports of buses using Menstrie Place again and I am working with Roads to rectify this.

Councillor Les Sharp

February 2015

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