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11th September 2007, 7.00 pm, Dumyat Centre Library


In the chair

Les Sharp


Caroline Crawford


Stan Paterson
Louise Craven
Wendy Holt
Jim Gardiner
Judy Macdonald
Kenny McKaig


Tom Mack
Linda Matheson
Beth Cook

In Attendance:

From Clackmannanshire Council

Julie Hamilton
Grant Eals
Shiela Bulloch
Councillor Janice Paterson gave her apologies and left the meeting


Four local residents

1. Approval of Minutes of 12th June 2007

Approved: Stan Paterson
Seconded: Louise Craven

2. Visitors Questions

Forward Booking of Football Pitch in Public Park

The Chair welcomed the visitors to the meeting. Discussion took place with Sheila Bulloch and the visitors regarding the difficulty they had experienced booking the football pitch in the Public Park for home fixtures. Sheila explained that the booking system was on a first come first served basis and this rule applies across Clackmannanshire. It was stated that the Clubs themselves would have to take it to the Forum to try and change the booking system as this was not decided by Clackmannanshire Council alone.

Wind Turbine at Primary School

A further discussion took place regarding the new wind turbine erected in the grounds of the Primary School. Concern was expressed by the visitors and neighbours as to why they were not informed that it was to be erected. It was stated that Colin Hamilton had informed all the neighbouring houses by letter but it would appear that nobody received the letter. Wendy Holt then went on to explain that when the new Nursery was erected during the summer it was decided that it should be as energy conserving as possible and the decision was taken to erect a wind turbine but because of the surrounding new houses it had to be erected higher. It is being used as a pilot project and there are dials in the school showing how much energy it is producing which the children can monitor. Colin Hamilton is more than happy to show any interested residents round the new Nursery facility.

Hawthorn Hedge

There is a hawthorn hedge which borders the garden ground of a house close to the school which the residents have tried in vain for 23 years to get the Council to cut on their garden side of the hedge which the Council have refused to do. It would be safer for the children to take the hedge out. Councillor Carried agreed to taken this point up with the Council.

ACTION - Councillor Carrick

The local residents then left the meeting and the chair welcomed Julie Hamilton and her colleagues to the meeting.

Dumyat Centre Extension/Improvements to the area/Public Art

A questionnaire was carried out by the Community Council at the School Summer Fete and the results were handed over to Julie and Sheila. Grant Eals went on to say that it was highly unlikely that the Lottery would be prepared to fund an extension in the next 18 months as they already had several big applications pending from Clackmannanshire. It was suggested that we go ahead and get the best value for the money that is available and it was agreed that the Council would come back with more concrete plans.

The Community Council will liaise with Cathy Knox from Environmental Services and see what plans they have for environmental improvements to the area, particularly the gardens at the centre of the village.


The Community Councillors will walk round the village and produce a plan for Julie as to what we would like to see as Public Art improvements.


The Chair thanked the representatives from the Council for coming to the meeting.

3. Matters Arising from Minutes

These were all covered by the Agenda.

4. Treasurers Report

In the absence of up to date bank statements there was no report make. The books have been passed to the Auditor for auditing before the AGM after which a copy will be sent to Clackmannanshire Council in support of our annual grant.

It was agreed that there be three signatories for cheques as follows:
Louise Craven, Les Sharp and Wendy Holt.
They will liaise with the bank and make the formal arrangements.


5. Community Policeman's Report

We still have not been informed who the new Community Policeman is so in his absence there was no report.

6. Councillors Carrick's Report

Leak at the Spar

The Council has now traced the owners and they have been told to carry out a repair. If this is not done the Council will fix it and send them the bill.

Park Road South

The Council are currently investigating the ownership of this section of Park Road and when they have been identified they will be approached individually to ascertain if they have any proposals for the maintenance of the road. Contributions would be sought from the road owners to bring the road up to standard and there is likelihood that the Council through Education Services would also be part owners. The cost of upgrading could be in the region of £40k. This process could take a considerable time with no guarantee of success.

Proposed Pedestrian Crossing at West end of Village

It has been agreed that following another site meeting a new pedestrian crossing at the west end of the village would be installed. Further work will be undertaken to ascertain the optimum location. In addition the rationalisation of the bus stops will be looked at. It is anticipated that the new crossing will be in place this financial year.

Existing Pedestrian Crossing at top of Forthvale

The controller suppliers have now been changed and a new controller has been installed which will hopefully be a lasting solution to the problems encountered.

Bus Services

Consideration will be given to the possibility of a bus service connecting Menstrie and Tullibody. A review of bus services throughout Clackmannanshire is planned later this year and the provision of a Menstrie-Tullibody link will be investigated as part of this review.

Councillor Carrick then left the meeting.

7. Correspondence

A letter of resignation was received from Judy MacDonald and this was accepted.

All other correspondence received since the last meeting was read and actioned as necessary.


8. Seating in Menstrie Park

The seats will be removed shortly and reinstated in front of the hedge opposite the school.

9. Community Woodland

The application to Forward Scotland for improvements to the paths in the wood has been successful and a grant of £30,732 has been awarded to us by them. A meeting will now take place with BTCV to discuss when the work will commence. CC will also investigate the possibility of additional funding for interpretation boards. There was unanimous agreement by all members on the signing of the award agreement forms.


10. Newsletter

The September newsletter was issued to all members for distribution.

11. AGM

It was agreed that since the date of the AGM and next meeting falls during the school holiday week, it be changed to 16th October. There are currently four vacancies which hopefully will be filled at the AGM. It was also agreed that the AGM would be followed by Cheese and Wine and Julie and Sheila would be invited. ACTION - CC/LS

12. Village Fete 2008

A meeting will be held in the Burnside Inn on the 2nd October at 7.30 for volunteers. Kenny agreed to do posters advertising this and put them up throughout the village.


13. Any Other Business

Kenny will make up a sample of a small calendar which we hopefully will be able to sell for Christmas.

15. Date and Time of Next Meeting

Tuesday 16th October 2007. This will be the AGM.

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