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11th December 2007, 7.00 pm, Dumyat Centre Library


In the chair

Les Sharp


Caroline Crawford


Wendy Holt


Louise Craven


Stan Paterson
Jim Gardiner
Kenny McKaig
Linda Matheson
Beth Cook
Tom Mack
Austin Mitchell
Monika Mackenzie


Danny MacCormick

In Attendance:

Councillor Carrick
Sandy Dawson, Clackmannanshire Council
P.C. Currie

1. Approval of Minutes of 13th November

Approved: Beth Cook
Seconded: Louise Craven

The Chair welcomed the new member to their first meeting.

2. Matters Arising from Minutes

Bus Shelter at Midtown

There is a new style bus shelter on order and will be installed shortly.

3. Dumyat Centre Extension/Wind Turbine

The Chair welcomed Sandy Dawson to the meeting. Sandy apologised for not attending the last meeting.

A discussion took place regarding the lack of consultation about the erection of the wind turbine and the problems encountered with the noise emitting from it, especially during windy conditions and the reflection on the windows of the adjoining houses. Sandy went on to explain that consultants were engaged to advise on the siting and the optimum size of the generator and the tower. It was decided on a 6kw generator on a 15 metre column: this was the optimum. It was noted that the structure is clearly visible when approaching Menstrie from Stirling.

As regards the problems with the noise emitted from it, Sandy pointed out that it had a limiting mechanism which should shut it down in windy conditions over 25mph. It was pointed to Sandy that this down not appear to be working as in these conditions it is like a helicopter rotor blades and it requires somebody to look at it under windy conditions.

There are also problems with the houses on the Forthvale side of the turbine when the sun shines it flickers like a strobe light. The Council should take some responsibility for the lack of consultation regarding a structure of this size and, at the least, the Community Council should have been told. The Council need to take on board that they have affected the quality of quite a number of people's day to day lives in the village. We are not saying that we don't want the turbine as it is educational to the children in the school but the consultants need to revisit this and solve the problems villagers are encountering. Sandy agreed to look into the problems.

Sandy produced plans for the extension to the Dumyat Centre and these were discussed in more detail. The plans included a cafe area, enlarged kitchen facilities, better use of the library space and attic storage space over the changing rooms. Additional car park space was also included. We would also like to see a barn type structure at the east end of the building to provide a large space for community activities.

Sandy also produced a plan of the proposed positioning of the new flagpoles and LS will liaise with him on this matter.


Costings need to be done and Sandy agreed to these for the next meeting.


The Chair thanked Sandy for the work done so far.

4. Community Policeman's Report

Over the year there has been a downward trend in crime in Menstrie. The problems with vandalism has led to somebody being reported. Enquiries are also ongoing on the more recent incident of vandalism. Patrols are still ongoing at the weekends in the village. It was agreed that endeavours should be made to have the graffiti removed as soon as possible and any outstanding graffiti should be removed if possible before the Spring.

5. Treasurers Report

Wood Account - £1,725.53
Treasurers Account: - £601.76
Fete Account: - £540.40

6. Councillors Carrick/Paterson Report

Naming the Upper Forth Crossing

A paper is going to Council regarding the Upper Forth Crossing - Clackmannanshire Bridge. We were asked to write to Stewart Stevenson, Minister for Transport to support the naming of the bridge. Postcards will be provided for residents to add their support to the proposal.


Bus Stop at Midtown

The new bus shelter has been ordered and will be erected as soon as possible.

Bus Service to Tullibody and Alloa

The transport review will be done before April. Janice and Eddie will take this up.


7. Correspondence

All correspondence received since the last meeting was read and actioned as necessary.

8. Public Art/Village Environmental Improvements

Nothing further to report on the Environmental Improvements.

Ochils Landscape Partnership

Our proposed project has been submitted and at the next meeting on Thursday these will be put into categories for the application to the Lottery. Clackmannanshire Council is contributing £1.25M over the next ten years.

9. Improvement to the Garden in Public Park

Tyres are not a possibility because of the safety factor. LS will liaise with Cathy Knox over possibilities for improvements.


10. Community Woodland

Improvements to the path are due to start on the 16th January and should take four weeks to complete. CC will apply for the grant drawdown.


11. Newsletter

This was copied and distributed before the meeting. Discussion took place regarding the Business section and it was agreed that this would become a separate leaflet and a charge would be made to advertise in it so that production costs are covered.

12. Village Fete 2008

Due to popular demand another fundraising Bingo Tea will be held in December. It was agreed that an Easter Raffle would be held with a major prize and 2,000 raffle books would be printed. The Race Night will be held on 4th April.

13. Christmas Tree

Community carol singing will take place around the tree on Thursday 20th December. Les will provide buckets and Linda will do the posters for them. The singing will be followed by mulled wine and mince pies in the Church Hall. JG will source the mulled wine and WH & BC will provide the mince pies.

14. Community Website

The domain names menstrie.org and menstrie.org.uk have been secured. John Lee has done some work on the site and Austin demonstrated this on his laptop. It was agreed that it should be kept as simple as possible. Members were asked to think about what they would like to see on the site and we could then get together in the New Year to discuss it. Suggestions at the meeting were Maps/Pictures/Weather. In the meantime ideas should be e-mailed to Austin.

15. Any Other Business

Proposed closure of Post Offices in the Hillfoots.

Members were asked to think, for the next meeting, about reasons for the local Post Office to remain open.

16. Date and Time of Next Meeting

Tuesday 8th January 2008 at 7.00 pm

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