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8th January 2008 at 7.00 pm in the Dumyat Centre Library


In the chair

Les Sharp


Caroline Crawford


Wendy Holt


Louise Craven


Stan Paterson
Linda Matheson
Beth Cook
Tom Mack
Austin Mitchell


Danny MacCormick
Kenny McKaig
Monika MacKenzie
Councillor Janice Paterson
Sandy Dawson, Clacks Council
P.C. Currie

In Attendance

Councillor Carrick

1. Approval of Minutes of 11th December 2007

Approved: Linda Matheson
Seconded: Beth Cook

2. Matters Arising from Minutes

Christmas Tree

Thanks to Tom Mack for his help and to the Church for their hospitality.


The sum of £105 was collected on the night and this will be ringfenced for next year. TM is storing the fencing for us at the Scout Hall.

Naming of the new bridge

A representative of the Community Council will join a bus tour of the County publicising why the new bridge should be called the Clackmannanshire Bridge. The Community Council will write to the Minister in support.


Bus Shelter at Midtown

The new bus shelter has been erected.

Dog Bins

EC will speak to Eric Ferguson, the Dog Warden, and ask him to contact LS to do a survey of where dog bins are required in the village. Greenbelt will provide dog notices but not dog bins in the Menstrie Mains Estate.


3. Dumyat Centre Extension/Wind Turbine

Sandy Dawson was not able to attend the meeting but passed on the following:

Dumyat Centre Extension

No progress on the extension plans but he will arrange a meeting with LS and CC for next week.


Need to confirm the position at the meeting next week.

Wind Turbine

Has asked the Environmental Health Department to take noise levels on a quiet day and a windy day. Will report back when this has taken place.

4. Community Policeman's Report

In his absence P.C. Currie submitted a written report on the crime update since the last meeting. The matter of graffiti was discussed and it was agreed that it would be helpful if the Police could report to the Council any new graffiti so that they can get it removed as soon as possible. Action on this will be sent to Garry Dallas, Ewart McAuslane and P.C. Currie.


An article will also be put into the next Newsletter asking residents to report any incidents that they know of.


5. Treasurers Report

Wood Account - £1,725.53
Treasurers Account - £601.76
Fete Account - £520.40

6. Councillor Carrick's Report

Back Road from Menstrie to Alva

It was requested that because of the speed of traffic on this road and the danger to pedestrians and mothers with prams, the speed limit on this road should be reduced. A note will be sent to Mac West and copied to EC and JC.


Traffic lights at the top of Forthvale

The timer requires adjustment.


Problems existing from the side roads off the A91 at peak times.

Request to Mac West to see if any traffic management could help the situation.


Pat Petrie will send an application form for the Gala Grant.

7. Correspondence

All correspondence received since the last meeting was read and actioned as necessary.

8. Public Art/Village Environmental Improvements/Ochils Landscape Partnership

Nothing further on the Public Art, plans awaited from Julie Hamilton. Our proposal has been submitted to the OLP and has been well received. This will now go to the next meeting of the Partnership for acceptance to go forward to the next stage.

9. Improvement to the Garden in Public Park

The Council are not in favour of any DIY efforts in the garden in the Public Park but they will look at possible improvements in this area. LS will keep in touch with Kathy Knox on this matter.

10. Community Woodland

Weather permitting work should start on the woodland path on the 16th January but this will be confirmed in January. The drawdown grant will be applied for from Forward Scotland.


11. Newsletter

Several very favourable comments have been received regarding the Newsletter.

12. Village Fete 2008

The next fundraising event will be a Coffee Morning in the UF Church.
The next Bingo Tea will be held in the Burnside on the 13th February.
Hopefully an Easter Raffle will also be held - proposed date 5th May.
LS will speak to Eric Ferguson re. a dog display.
PA system and tents have been offered by the Round Table.
WH will write to all the local groups.

13. Christmas Tree

Community carol singing will take place around the tree on Thursday 20th December. Les will provide buckets and Linda will do the posters for them. The singing will be followed by mulled wine and mince pies in the Church Hall. JG will source the mulled wine and WH & BC will provide the mince pies.

14. Community Website

Austin gave an update on the development of the website and demonstrated it on the laptop in its current form. More work requires to be done but it is hoped that it will be able to go live after the next monthly meeting. It was also suggested that a charge could be made for local businesses to advertise on the website to help offset the cost.

15. Any Other Business

There were no further matters arising.

16. Date and Time of Next Meeting

Tuesday 12th February 2008 at 7.00 pm.

February 2008

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