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12th February 2008 at 7.00 pm in the Dumyat Centre Library


In the chair

Les Sharp


Caroline Crawford


Louise Craven


Stan Paterson
Linda Matheson
Beth Cook
Tom Mack
Austin Mitchell
Kenny McKaig
Monika MacKenzie


Danny MacCormick
Wendy Holt
Jim Gardiner
Councillor Janice Paterson

In Attendance:

Councillor Carrick
Sheila Bulloch, Clacks Council
Members of the Scout Group

1. Approval of Minutes of 8th January 2008

Approved: Stan Paterson
Seconded: Beth Cook

2. Community Policeman's Report

Following incidences of graffiti, two local youths were detected for the crime. They wanted to clean up the graffiti themselves but health and safety regulation would make this impossible. However, both of their parents are happy for them to do some other form of community work to make amends. It was suggested that one member of the Community Council could possibly liaise with the parents themselves.

A test operation has been running whereby persons from schools in Central Scotland have been selected to try and buy alcohol while under the permitted age.

There has been very little crime in Menstrie with three vandalisms and two minor thefts.

It is intended to set up speed detectors at take readings at hot spots within the areas.

P.C. Currie agreed to be outside the school between the hours of 2.55 - 3.00 pm. and will speak to the parents regarding the safety of parking near the school.

3. Representatives from Clacks Council

Dumyat Centre Extension

Sheila Bulloch attended from Clacks Council. Sheila will now be taking the lead on this for the Council. It is now getting urgent that this project moves forward with final plans and costing being drawn up and planning permission applied for. Sheila agreed to set up a meeting with Sandy, two members of the Community Council and herself to discuss the options.


Planning Permission has been submitted for the erection of these.

Public Art

Although it was expected there would be, there was no representative from the Council at the meeting to report on the Public Art.


Wind turbine

There was also no representation from the Council to speak about the wind turbine testing.

4. Matters Arising from Minutes

Dog Bins

A dog bin will be erected in the Main Street.

Regarding the Menstrie Mains Estate, it is expected that the Council will be erecting dog bins in this area.

The dog bin at Craigomus will be emptied on a more regular basis.

It was also felt that a dog bin was required somewhere in Middleton Kerse Estate. There are several areas of the village where dog fouling seems to be an increasing problem and it should be requested that these areas should be monitored.

5. Treasurers Report

Wood Account - £1,725.53
Treasurers Account - £543.05
Fete Account - £610.40

A cheque has also been received from the Council for IT connections and consumables and this sum will be ring-fenced for this purpose.

6. Councillor Carrick's Report

Park Road South

A report on Park Road South will be going before the Council on 13th March. It will cost £47,000 to bring it up to an acceptable standard.


This will be taken on board by the Council.

Path between Menstrie/Alva

There were problems with a pipe owned by the Council taking the water away from the hill, which was blocked and flooding the path. An engineer will be coming out to look at it.

Hedge at Victoria Terrace

There has also been a complaint about this, and requires attention.

Wind Turbine

Lyn Carruthers is dealing with this.

Two tests have been taken. (Sharon Cook played a recording as an example of the noise which is emitting from the turbine when it is windy.)


Disappointment was expressed with some of the officers of the Council and their liaison with the Community Council. The members decided to write to the Council expressing their concerns.


Speed limit

A 20mph speed limit will be imposed at Menstrie Mains Estate.

It was asked why some other streets in Menstrie could not have this limit put on them. For instance Forthvale, Abercrombie Place, Middleton, Lipney.


7. Correspondence

All correspondence received since the last meeting was read and actioned as necessary.

8. Public Art/Village Environmental Improvements

Nothing further to report on the Public Art, plans awaited from Julie Hamilton.

9. Ochils Landscape Partnership

Our proposal has been submitted to the OLP and has been well received. This will now go to the next meeting of the Partnership for acceptance to go forward to the next stage.

The final draft of the application to HLF is being drawn up and it will now be a case of wait and see. Hopefully it will be good news for Menstrie. An article will appear in the next Menstrie Matters.

10. Community Woodland

Work is due to start shortly on the improvements to the path. A letter will be sent to all the households affected.


11. Newsletter

Several very favourable comments have been received regarding the Newsletter.

12. Village Fete

A short meeting will be held after the Bingo Tea.

LM will arrange for a cheque to be sent for the deposit for the Race Night due to take place on the 4th April in the Hollytree.

13. Community Website

Austin gave an update on the development of the website and demonstrated it on the laptop in its current form. More content is required and photographs. Linda will pass on Tom's article about the woodland. It was agreed that local advertising would not go onto the website until the site is up and running. Kenny McKaig will supply Austin with some photographs. Linda will supply a disc with back copies of Menstrie Matters. Links will also be made to outside sites.

14. Any Other Business

It was suggested that if possible a post would be desirable in Menstrie Mains Estate.

15. Date and Time of Next Meeting

Tuesday 11th March 2008 at 7.00 pm.

March 2008

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