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11th March 2008 at 7.00 pm, Dumyat Centre Library


In the chair

Les Sharp


Caroline Crawford


Stan Paterson
Linda Matheson
Beth Cook
Kenny McKaig
Monika MacKenzie
Janette Robb
Jim Gardiner


Wendy Holt
Tom Mack
Austin Mitchell
Louise Craven

In Attendance:

Councillor Eddie Carrick
Councillor Janice Paterson
Kathleen O'Neil, Clackmannanshire Council
Margo Winning, Clackmannanshire Council
Sandy Dawson, Clackmannanshire Council
Constable S. Currie
Sharon Cook


3 local residents

1. Approval of Minutes of February 2008

Approved: Beth Cook
Seconded: Kenny McKaig

2. Wind Turbine

Sandy Dawson reported that a variety of tests had been carried out on five different occasions in a variation of wind conditions. There is a problem in that the equipment used is not aimed at this type of specific testing but is for testing traffic and industrial noise. The Council is only aware of one complaint so far. The Community Council were asked to forward on the names and addresses of the people who had complained to them. They are however prepared to put a piece of calibrated equipment inside one of the houses and provide a DAT recorder which will constantly monitor the noise. The outside tests are inconclusive. LS will provide Sandy with names and addresses.


Eddie Carrick said that he didn't think the equipment the Council had was effective enough and there must be another piece of equipment that could take an accurate outside reading.

KMcK asked if the turbine could not be set to stop at a lower speed. SD replied that it would then become less efficient and it may not necessarily lessen the noise.

LS said that we were to be given some statistics and performance figures from the manufacturer for the turbine the last time we met with Sandy but had not received any information. Sandy apologised for not giving this information and stated that there is no guidance as to what is acceptable and the arbiter will be the Environmental Health Officer and the professionals. LS stated that we had not seen a turbine before in such close proximity of houses and asked that the strobe effect also be tested. Sandy then left the meeting.

3. Public Art

Kathleen O'Neil apologised for not attending our last meeting. She explained that she works closely with Julie Hamilton and Margo Winning of Cultural Planning section of the Community Learning and Development Team. She explained that Andy Scott the artist likes to work alongside the community from the young to the old at the design stage to encourage it from being vandalised and Kathleen will work closely with the Youth Team as to what the best approach would be. The young people could possibly get a visit to Andy's studios in Glasgow.

Margo went on to explain what might be possible by getting young people involved in an art workshop as well as the wider community.

It was agreed that if the sculpture is to be erected at Midtown gardens then the gardens need to be upgraded as soon as possible and Kathleen will make investigations into this.

Kathleen produced some sketches from Andy on possible designs and this will be put out to consultation in the Travelling Gallery which will be based at the Dumyat Centre car park on Sunday 23rd and Monday 24th March when people will have the opportunity to vote on their choice of design. Kenny will put up posters advertising the event and Les will write something for the Gallery.


Kathleen and Margo then left the meeting.

4. Community Policeman's Report

Constable Currie reported that Menstrie had been quiet over the last month. Patrols have been ongoing in the village and they are still aware of drinking problems at the Dumyat Centre but so long as the public report incidences they can respond accordingly: Contact number is 723255. He had not been able to get down to Menstrie Primary School but will visit in the next few weeks.

There are plans to make an opening in the school fence for fire engine access to the school. This will prevent the resident on that road from parking their cars. This is a very narrow road and it was felt that this was unacceptable.


The graffiti problems are being dealt with by the appropriate authorities.

5. Treasurer's Report

In the absence of the Treasurer there was no report.

6. Councillors Carrick and Paterson's Report

The poles have now been erected for the new crossing.

A report on Park Road South will now be deferred until the April Council meeting.

The problem with the drainage pipe on the Back Road near Myreton House:
the pipe will be replaced during the next financial year and any minor repairs will be carried out to the path at the same time.

Vegetation at roadside between Victoria Terrace and Menstrie:
The two landowners have agreed to cut the hedge while the lane is closed for two days early next financial year and the Council will deal with the obstruction in the footpath.

7. Correspondence

All correspondence received since the last meeting was read and actioned as necessary.

8. Ochils Landscape Partnership

The final draft of the application to HLF is being drawn up and it will now be a case of wait and see. The water wheel will not be eligible for funding under this umbrella but alternative funding will be sought.

9. Community Woodland

Work has started on the path and should be completed in the next two weeks.

Janette Robb reported that there was a tree in the woodland, behind 102 Main Street West, which was covered in ivy. This will be investigated.


10. Greenbelt Group Ltd.

Representatives from the Menstrie Mains development gave a presentation on the problems they are encountering with Greenbelt Group Ltd. and the maintenance issues this was causing. They are in the process of gathering signatures (they must have 205) so that they can dispense with Greenbelt whereby the onus would go back to the developers as owners of the land. Their main concern is that this problem will split the community and their wish is that they want to be part of the village. This is a countrywide problem with Greenbelt and they have the support of Gordon Banks MP, who is raising the matter in the Parliament. 50% of the charge made to each resident goes on administration. If the Council were to be engaged to take over the maintenance they would require a 10 year security from the developer. The Community members agreed to give them their support and will write to the Council accordingly.


11. Newsletter

Linda apologised for not having it ready for distribution but the master will now be passed to Tom for copying and collating.

12. Village Fete

The next meeting will take place on Tuesday 25th March in the Burnside.

13. Community Website

In Austin's absence there was no update.

14. Any Other Business

Threat to residents' parking in Elmbank

BC reported that in the plans for the Nursery at the School there had been no allowance made for access for emergency vehicles. The Council now plan to make an entrance via Elmbank which means that the residents of houses in that area will not be able to park their cars as this would make the road inaccessible to emergency vehicles as it is too narrow. It was agreed that this could cause a lot of problems and would not be a safe access. It would appear that a road can be put in for fire engines but ignore the parents unauthorised parking.

Councilors' surgery times change

Eddie Carrick and Janice Paterson's surgery times are to be changed. Eddie will continue with his on a Wednesday night and Janice will have hers on a Saturday morning.

Community Council calendar

KMcK will co-ordinate the Community Council Calendar and it was agreed that this would be a 'past times' theme with old and new views. Photographs are required of old Menstrie to enable Kenny to take up-to-date pictures of the same areas.

It was agreed that this would be an agenda item at each monthly meeting.

Village clean-up

There will be a village clean-up on Sunday 27th April when villagers will be asked to volunteer to take a section of the village and clean up the litter etc. Volunteers will meet at the Scout Hall at 2.00 pm when they will be provided with equipment. The Scout Hall will be open for refreshments.


16. Date and Time of Next Meeting

Tuesday 8th April 2008 at 7.00 pm.

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