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10th June 2008 at 7.00 pm, Dumyat Centre Library


In the chair

Les Sharp


Caroline Crawford


Louise Craven


Stan Paterson
Linda Matheson
Wendy Holt
Kenny McKaig
Jim Gardner
Austin Mitchell
Beth Cook
Monika Mackenzie

In Attendance:

Councillor Eddie Carrick
Tracy Duff, Clacks Council
Constable S. Currie
Staff members from Menstrie Library/CAP Office

1. Approval of Minutes of 13th May 2008

Approved: Stan Paterson
Seconded: Beth Cook

2. Matters Arising from Minutes

Dumyat Centre Extension

Staff members from the Dumyat Centre Library/CAP Office talked about their disappointment at not being consulted about the planned alterations/extension to the Centre and their concern for the security of the Library books and the computers. The Chair pointed out that consultation had taken place between the relevant departments of the Council over which we have had no control. It was suggested that they go back to Library Services and speak to them about the matter.

Metal Stakes by the Burn

Mr. Cook has still to remove the metal stakes but KMcK agreed to show him exactly where they were.


3. Community Policeman's Report

Compared to some of the other villages Menstrie is relatively crime-free.

As regards parking outside Menstrie Motors he has been assured that no vehicles will be parked on the street.

The zig-zag lines in front of the school will be extended in front of the school and also the double yellow lines will be extended round the S-bend. The school will letter all the parents. The work will be done before the start of the new term and the police will enforce the parking laws.

4. Treasurer's Report

Wood Account - £1188.35
General Account - £1449.11
Ring Fenced IT Budget - £358.09

5. Councillor Carrick's Report

Public art and flagpoles

Councillor Carrick brought along pictures of the art work. Planning permission has been granted for the flagpoles and it is hoped that they will be erected by the 9th July when the Canadian contingent are expected to come from Canada.

Unadopted roads

Ochil Road ticks all the boxes for upgrading. The officers have backed the recommendations for the road and it is hoped that it will be given priority on the list.

Pedestrian Safe Haven by the Burnside Inn

EC will speak to JP regarding previous correspondence re. this area.


6. Correspondence

All correspondence since the last meeting was read and actioned as necessary.

7. Public Art, Midtown Gardens

A visit has been organised to visit Andy Scott's studio in Glasgow.

8. Community Woodland

It was suggested that a leaf blower would be a useful tool for the new path for the autumn time.

9. Village Fete

Plans are well in hand. It was agreed to hire a van for the weekend of the gala. Everybody should meet in the park at 08.30 am on the day.

10. Community Website

It is hoped that further links to the website will be set up with the Bowling Club/Primary School and Nova Scotia.

11. Community Council Elections

CC has spoken to [ ] and he wishes to stand down from the Community Council.


12. Calendar

Kenny suggested that this year we go for single pictures. CC has contacted Ian Drysdale and he has said he will look out photographs and get back to us. Susan Mills also has photographs that we could use.

13. Report by Tracy Duff, Community Learning and Development

Tracy has agreed, along with some young volunteers, to help out at the Gala.

14. Any Other Business

There being no further business the meeting closed at 9.30 pm.

16. Date and Time of Next Meeting

Tuesday 9th September 2008 at 7.00 pm.

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