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9th December 2008 at 7.00 pm, Dumyat Centre Library


In the chair

Les Sharp


Caroline Crawford


Wendy Holt


Stan Paterson
Ann Roberts
Derek Hughes
Linda Matheson


Louise Craven
Jim Gardner
Monika Mackenzie
Austin Mitchell
Beth Cook
Alison Muirhead

In Attendance:

Councillor Janice Paterson
Constable Currie
Susie Evans, Menstrie Brownies

1. Approval of Minutes of 11th November 2008

Approved: Linda Matheson
Seconded: Ann Roberts

2. Matters Arising from Minutes

Litter cleared

The rubbish on the path to the hills appears to have been mostly cleared. The wardens have been up the hill and have carried out a clean-up.

Road markings by school

The Council are awaiting signing of the contract with the line marking company.

Landslip negotiations

The Council have this in hand and will investigate the matter.

East Mains

The Council have agreed to look at the problem and if necessary have additional signage erected.

3. Tree Planting by Rainbows and Brownies

Susie Evans, Menstrie Brown Owl, outlined the Woodland Trust Challenge project that she plans to undertake with the Rainbows and Brownies to plant trees or hedges. It was agreed that the Community Council would be happy to be a partner in this project and Susie will get back to us with more information.

4. Treasurer's Report

In the absence of the Treasurer there was no report.

5. Community Policeman's Report

It was reported that there were only 19 calls for the whole of Menstrie for the last month with only 3 undetected crimes.

6. Councillor Paterson's Report

Windmill shop

It was reported that the Windmill shop now has new owners.

Grit Bins

Grit Bins at Burnside Road and Craighorn.


No dogs allowed

A "No dogs allowed" sign should be erected at the school playground.
LS will contact Eric Ferguson regarding this.


Entrance to Public Park

Run-in to the park at Forthvale.


Dog bins at Hazel Avenue

This cannot happen as the Council do not control this area.

7. Correspondence

All correspondence was read and actioned as necessary.

8. Dumyat Extension

Work has not yet started.


9. Public Art

This has now been erected. It was agreed that a leaflet should be produced by the Community Council to explain the background to the art.


10. Community Woodland

The Brownies can apply for funding to get trees for planting, possibly birch, rowan and cherry but they will liaise with Tom Mack before making a decision. There are also other possibilities for funding which can be investigated.

11. Christmas Tree and Carol Singing

It was agreed that unless there is more community involvement in the erection of the Christmas Tree next year, then there will not be a tree. It should not be the sole responsibility of a few members of the Community Council to carry out this community project. Thanks must go Tom Mack for transporting the tree.

12. Fete Week and Gala 2009

The date for the Gala has been set at 13th June 2009.
Ann Roberts is liaising with everybody.
CC will get a blank plan of the park for the layout of stalls etc.
A Bingo Tea will be organised for the third Wednesday in March.
Dates for the Gala Meetings are as follows:

13. Any Other Business

Core Path Network

The plan outlining the Core Path Network for Menstrie was discussed and we were in agreement with the Council's alteration to the plan.

[ Proposed Core Path Network for Menstrie dated 21 July 2008, prepared by Clackmannanshire Council. The alteration would remove the path along the A91 west of Menstrie to the county boundary - Ed.]

Menstrie Matters

It was agreed, at the request of Linda, that Menstrie Matters would appear on the monthly Agenda.

14. Date and Time of Next Meeting

Tuesday 13th January 2009 at 7.00 pm.

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