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10th February 2009 at 7.00 pm, Dumyat Centre Library


In the chair

Les Sharp


Caroline Crawford


Wendy Holt


Louise Craven


Stan Paterson
Alison Muirhead
Beth Cook
Linda Matheson
Monika MacKenzie
Derek Hughes


Jim Gardner
Austin Mitchell
Councillor Janice Paterson

In Attendance:

Constable Stephen Currie
Sheila Bulloch, Clacks Council

1. Appointments and Resignations


2. Approval of Minutes of 13th January 2009

Approved: Alison Muirhead
Seconded: Wendy Holt

3. Matters Arising from Minutes

Dog Bins

LS has sent a letter in reply to a copy of a letter received from a member of the public in Menstrie, the original having been sent to Clackmannanshire Council. The Community Wardens can patrol for dog fouling.


4. Treasurer's Report

Community Council/Gala - £6,452.81
Wood Account (inc. £700 grant) - £1,594.19
Ring-fenced IT money - £291.54

The annual grant of £300 has been received from Clackmannanshire Council as has £500 for last year's Gala.

5. Community Policeman's Report

There have been only 6 detected crimes in Menstrie since the last report and 3 undetected crimes. This included the theft of a motor vehicle, which has since been recovered.
Residents should be aware that they should lock their vehicles and put valuables out of site in the boot. The police will be keeping up their patrols at the weekends.

6. Councillor's Reports

In the absence of the local Councillors there were no reports.

7. Correspondence

All correspondence was read and actioned as necessary.

8. Dumyat Extension

Sheila Bulloch updated the members on the current state of this project. Since the last meeting she has met with the Planners and the Legal Department at the Council.

The Community Council reported that Julie Hamilton had indicated that getting an extension would not be a problem. However Gladedale have requested their bond back, as they legally are entitled to do, since the final date for the work to start has now passed without any action. The Council are now taking them to arbitration on the grounds that they are being unreasonable. They have until 5.00 pm on Friday to respond to the Council's request. The Council's Legal Department are confident that we will get a positive response.

The Community Council are not happy with the situation as the Council led us to believe that it would not be a problem to get an extension. However we will now have to wait until it goes to arbitration and, depending on the outcome, we will have to consider what action we, as a Community Council, will take to publicise the situation. In the meantime we will ask the Council what has happened to the rest of the Section 75 money.

9. Menstrie Matters

The next issue is due to go out in March. We will have to take a detailed look at the cost of producing the newsletter in order to make it viable.

10. Community Woodland

LS has had a meeting with Graeme Anderson of BTCV who has agreed to take up all of the outstanding work which still required to be done. The first priority will be the damaged wall and the drainage which has backfilled itself.

[BTCV: British Trust for Conservation Volunteers - ed.]

11. Fete and Gala

LS has provisionally booked a band, also roundabouts and trampolines. There will be another fund-raising Bingo Tea in the Burnside Inn at 7.30 pm on 25th February.

12. Any Other Business

A Village Spring Clean will take place on Sunday 10th April from 1.00 - 3.00 pm. Local resident volunteers should meet at the Scout Hall. All gloves etc. will be provided.
As a thank you there will be a BBQ following the clean-up.

13. Date and Time of Next Meeting

Tuesday 10th March 2009 at 7.00 pm.

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