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14th April 2009 at 7.00 pm, Dumyat Centre Library


In the chair

Les Sharp


Caroline Crawford


Stan Paterson
Alison Muirhead
Linda Matheson
Beth Cook
Jim Gardiner


Austin Mitchell
Derek Hughes
Monika Mackenzie
Wendy Holt
P.C. Stephen Currie

In Attendance:

Sheila Bulloch, Clackmannanshire Council
Councillor Eddie Carrick, Clackmannanshire Council
Councillor Janice Paterson, Clackmannanshire Council

1. Appointments and Resignations


2. Approval of Minutes of 10th March 2009

Approved: Stan Paterson
Seconded: Linda Matheson

3. Dumyat Centre

Sheila Bulloch reported that the plans for the Dumyat Centre are now back on track. She has now met with the engineers and the designer and the plans were updated. She will keep us updated on the progress but hopefully the start date will be around August to September.

Sheila also updated us on other matters. The throne is available for the Gala; the gazebos are not needed for Alva Games; she has ordered the storage area to be cleared; and we may be eligible for a reduction in the let charges for the Dumyat Centre for the Gala.

An application will have to be made to Elaine Reid of Facilities & Leisure for the let for the School for the Gala Disco.

4. Treasurer's Report

In the absence of the Treasurer there was no report.

5. Community Policeman's Report

In his absence, P.C. Currie gave a written report. The village continues to have a low crime rate.

6. Councillor's Reports

Councillor Paterson, with a representative from the housing department, did a walkabout in particular Dumyat Road.

Councillor Carrick reported that, following a complaint, he had met with Ewart McAuslane and they can put dog bins on the lampposts. Ewart went out to meet with the complainant but there was no response. A couple of the dog walks will also be cleaned up by Environmental Health Department.

The parking lines outside the school should be put down sometime during May and EC will get Mac West out to look at the possibility of speed bumps also.

EC also reported that the next round of meetings for the Landscape Partnership were about to take place.

EC is still working on the proposal that there be a direct bus service from Menstrie to Alloa via Tullibody.

The Community Council will invite Mac West to our September meeting.


Beth Cook reported that she had several complaints about parking in the area between the Castle and the school and the manner in which cars travel round that road. Councillor Carrick will meet with her on Friday evening, hopefully accompanied by a member of the Council.

7. Correspondence


8. Menstrie Matters

There are very few places in the village we can advertise events and we were disappointed with the response from both the Petrol Station and the Spar. We will write to them and ask for their community involvement on this matter.


9. Community Woodland

The tarred path has been cleared of leaves by the Scouts and their Leaders. A letter of thanks will be sent to the Scouts.


10. Fete and Gala

An update was given on the progress of the Gala and Fete Week. The last Bingo Tea will take place on 29th April and the next Gala Meeting on the 21st April.

11. Any Other Business

The village clean-up will take place on Sunday at 1.00p.m.

The election of a vice-chair took place. Stan Paterson was the only nominee, proposed by Beth Cook and seconded by Linda Matheson. There being no other nominees Stan was duly appointed.

12. Date and Time of Next Meeting

Tuesday 12th May 2009 at 7.00 pm.

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