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12th January 2010 at 7.00pm, Dumyat Centre Library


In the chair

Les Sharp


Caroline Crawford


Louise Craven


Stan Paterson


Jim Gardiner
Linda Matheson
Beth Cook
Barry Hill
Austin Mitchell


Alison Muirhead
Sarah-Louise Philip
Alison Stupart
Louise Craven
Councillor Eddie Carrick, Clackmannanshire Council
Constable Stephen Currie, Central Scotland Police

In Attendance:

Councillor Janice Paterson, Clackmannanshire Council
Mr Mitchell

1. Appointments and Resignations


2. Approval of Minutes of 8th December 2009

Approved: Linda Matheson
Seconded: Jim Gardiner

3. Matters Arising from Minutes

Reflective strips on new fencing on Tullibody Road are now in place.

CC and LS met with Mr. Manzie from Clacks Council as the Council were concerned about the recent flooding on the A91. The Council wanted permission to deepen the culverts to alleviate the flooding. To undertake this work it may be necessary to remove the front line of trees etc. adjacent to the A91 to allow machinery in to do the work. They will also renew the wooden bridge. We have requested that any wood that is felled remains in the woodland. At the moment there is no timescale of when the work will be carried out.

4. Treasurer's Report

In the absence of the Treasurer there was no report.

5. Community Policeman's Report

In the absence of P.C. Currie a written report was read out.
Menstrie still has the lowest crime figure in Clackmannanshire, with most crimes being motoring-related.

6. Councillors' Reports (Councillor Paterson)

Field by primary school

The community field adjacent to the Primary School is now in the ownership of the Council.
This will link the school with the new housing development.
The question was asked why this area was completely fenced off.
Councillor Paterson agreed to investigate this on our behalf.


Play area

The play area has been inspected and there was no evidence of dog fouling.
There are no plans to fence off this area.

Park Road South

Road beside Loaningbank

Contractors will have to reinstate this pavement to the agreed width. Failing this the Council will reinstate it. It was made 1.1 metres wide and should have been 0.8 metres.


The matter of the footpath over the burn was brought up by SP.
Rubbish is being dumped into the burn at the bridge.
There has been little evidence of the road sweeper recently.
JP replied that most of these workers were redirected onto gritting the streets over the cold period.
It was noted that the road sweeping in Menstrie used to be first class but since September it has deteriorated.

Burnside Road

There are no dropped pavements in Burnside Road.


Frost damage

It was noted that many of the roads and pavements are now in a poor state as a result of the frost.
The Council will carry out a survey once everything has thawed and will then prioritise repair work.

7. Correspondence

All correspondence was read and actioned.

8. Dumyat Centre Extension

We await information from the Council, together with the updated plans. No further communication has been had with us since our October meeting. We understand that the work has gone out to tender.

9. Menstrie Matters


10. Community Woodland

11. Fete and Gala

12. Any Other Business

Spring clean

Water wheel

CC will attend a seminar in Callander being held by LEADER. It is hoped that this may be a source of match funding for the Water Wheel project.

[LEADER is part of the Scottish Rural Development Programme (SRDP), aimed at promoting economic and community development within rural areas. - ed.]

Ochils Landscape Partnership

CC will also be attending the Ochils Landscape Partnership Advisory Board meeting.
This, hopefully, will lead to improvements to Menstrie Glen provided they secure the funding from the Heritage Lottery Fund.

13. Date and Time of Next Meeting

Tuesday 9th February 2010 at 7.00pm.

There being no further business the meeting closed at 8.45pm.

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