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14th September 2010 at 7.00pm, Dumyat Centre Community Room


In the chair

Les Sharp(Chairperson)


Caroline Crawford (Secretary)


Stan Paterson (Vice-Chairperson)
Monika Mackenzie
Jim Gardiner
Beth Cook
Alison Stupart


Linda Matheson
Austin Mitchell
Christine Kidston
Louise Craven

In Attendance:

Constable Stephen Currie, Central Scotland Police
Brian Forbes, Clackmannanshire Council
Lesley Baillie
4 members of the public

1. Appointments and Resignations


2. Approval of Minutes of 10th June 2010

Approved: Monika MacKenzie
Seconded: Stan Paterson

3. Community Policeman's Report

There were only 25 reported offences over the summer months.

More recently there were a number of cars vandalised in the village and enquiries are still ongoing. People have been advised to either put their car in the garage or in the driveway and if possible invest in a CCTV system which will cover the driveway.

Constable Currie will be moving to another post within Clackmannanshire and his duties will be taken over by PCs Chris Smith and Alan Goldie on the 4th of October. Patrols will continue on Friday evenings.

The Chair thanked PC Currie on behalf of the Community Council and wished him well in his new post. He had made a difference to Menstrie and we hope that his successors will carry on the good work in the village.

4. Brian Forbes, Customer Services Manager, Clackmannanshire Council

Brian Forbes gave an overview of his post and discussion took place regarding some of the problems we have encountered in the Dumyat Centre. He was interested in our feedback of some of the experiences we have had. He confirmed that he had spoken to Chris Smith, who has responsibility for the building, and said we should continue liaising with him in the future. The Chair thanked Brian for coming along to speak with us.

5. Matters Arising from Minutes

These were covered elsewhere on the Agenda.

6. Treasurer's Report

In the absence of the Treasurer there was no report.

7. Councillors' Reports

Crows in Windsor Street

The trees are to be removed by the Council which will eliminate the long standing problem for the residents. They will be replaced with a species that do not attract crows. LS and BC agreed to speak to all the residents in Windsor Street regarding this matter.



The Ochil Landscape Partnership has been granted £630,000 from the Lottery and together with other funding this will increase to £2.2M. Approx. £68,000 of this will be spent in Menstrie in improvements to the access to Menstrie Glen and the burn over the next three years.

Council services

The budget planning is the biggest project at the Council at the moment but this will not affect the quality of service.

Larbert bus service

Complaints were received from villagers regarding the new Larbert Hospital bus in that it does not go the length of the village. As result, people from the west end have to walk to the Tullibody Road to catch it. Councillor Carrick will take this matter up with Mac West at the Council and he will be invited to come along to one of our meetings. The bus is provided by the NHS and not the Council.


Path network

SP asked about the new Path signs which have gone up and it was confirmed that these are part of ongoing signage for the Core Path network.

Dog bin

AS asked that the new dog bin in the new path by the school could be emptied as it was overflowing.

Pylon area

BC asked whose responsibility it was to cut the grass in the fenced area by the pylon in the new kick-about area.

8. Correspondence

All correspondence was read and actioned.

LS will order the wreath for November.


9. Community Woodland

Austin intimated that he is leaving the village and will not be able to take on responsibility for the woodland.

10. Fete and Gala

A fundraising Tabletop sale will be held on Saturday 25th September in aid of Gala funds and hopefully raise awareness of the need for more volunteers for the Gala.

11. Any Other Business

Lesley Baillie suggested that we meet with the Council's Budget Team, led by Craig Machin, who will outline what money comes in and out to the Council. LS will book a room in the Dumyat Centre for the 28th September.


12. Date and Time of Next Meeting

Tuesday 12th October 2010 at 7.00pm in the Dumyat Centre.
It will be preceded by the AGM.

There being no further business the meeting closed at 9.00pm.

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