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Tuesday 10th May 2011 at 7.00pm, Dumyat Centre Community Room


In the chair

Les Sharp (Chairperson)


Caroline Crawford


Louise Craven

Members present

Stan Paterson (Vice-Chairperson)
Beth Cook
Maeve Bain
Monika Mackenzie
Linda Matheson
Maurice Dixon
Christine Kidston
Rebecca Noon


Jim Gardiner
Angela Leitch, Chief Executive, Clackmannanshire Council

In attendance:

Councillor Janice Paterson, Clackmannanshire Council
Constable Chris Smith, Central Scotland Police

1. Appointments and resignations


2. Approval of minutes of 12th April 2011

Approved: Beth Cook
Seconded: Linda Matheson

3. Matters arising from minutes of 12th April 2011

Covered by agenda items.

4. Treasurer's report

Current balance on all accounts: £8,143.80.

Authorisation has now been received for the signatories for the new account. Debit cards should be available in about 14 days time. We now await the transfer of our funds from the Bank of Scotland to the Unity Trust Bank. LM will now pay any cheques for Menstrie Matters directly into the new bank account.

5. Community Police Officers' report

Three crime reports have been submitted since the last meeting. One has been detected and the other two currently remain undetected.

There has been a recent increase in youth issues in the vicinity of the Dumyat Centre and the Scout Hall. Mainly alcohol has been involved and youths identified have all been warned and letters sent to their parents if they are under 16. This type of proactive approach will be continued in these areas.

There has also been an increase in calls relating to youths setting fires on Dumyat near to the access path at Ochil Road. Several youths have been warned in front of their parents and this will continue to be monitored.

PC Ally Goldie is moving to Larbert from the 9th May. Unfortunately, this means that we will be back to one policeman to cover Alva and Menstrie and there are no plans at the moment to replace PC Goldie.

6. Councillor Paterson's report

• Travelling people

The travelling people on the railway line property were moved on by the Council. The police could not take any action but the Council had the authority to do this.

• Glenochil Nursery

There are no plans yet for the site. The recycling facility will remain open for the moment. The next issue of Menstrie Matters will highlight that it is still open for this facility.

• Alva Swimming Pool

Efforts are still continuing to save Alva Swimming Pool and Tillicoultry Family Centre.

• Cycle route

SP asked about the proposed cycle route which is currently being developed on the length of the old railway line. JP replied that the Railway Company, who are currently the owners of the line, will make an effort to make the site more secure. Money is awaited from SUSTRANS to complete the work. LS will contact John McNee at the Council in this regard.


7. Correspondence

All correspondence was read and actioned.

8. Menstrie Matters

The next issue will be the Fete & Gala issue and will be distributed late May or early June. The normal issue of Menstrie Matters will be distributed in July, with the next one at the end of September. Demand has increased for advertising space and a discussion took place as to whether this should be limited to local advertising. Two new recruits have volunteered to be added to the distribution list.

Linda suggested that we have a wine and cheese evening to thank all the volunteers who circulate the newsletter.

9. Community woodland

There is a possibility that some volunteers who require work experience may be available to do work in the woodland. LS will liaise with the person in charge


A lot of work requires to be done in the woodland: Trees trimmed, ivy removed and weeds controlled. The banking beside the path needs attention and a mini digger will probably be required to carry out this work. LS and TM will walk the path and identify where work needs to be done and prioritise it.


TM will complete the information boards and they will be erected as soon as possible.


10. Fete and Gala 2011: Report

An update was given as follows:

11. Future Events

The following possible events were discussed:

12. Any other business

• Dumyat Centre

The Chief Executive and Gary Dallas have asked to meet with LS and CC on Monday 16th May to have further discussions on the Dumyat Centre. A report on this meeting will be given at the next meeting.

• Hospital Bus

Subject to authorisation the NHS has now agreed to re-route the Hospital Bus so that it stops in the village. This should commence on the 27th June. Thanks to Linda for liaising on this matter.

13. Date and time of the next meeting

Tuesday 14th June 2011 at 7.00 pm in the Dumyat Centre.

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