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Tuesday 4th October at 7.25pm, Dumyat Centre Community Room


In the chair

Les Sharp


Caroline Crawford


Louise Craven

Members present

Stan Paterson (Vice-Chairperson)
Beth Cook
Monika Mackenzie
Linda Matheson
Jim Gardiner
Maeve Bain
Christine Kidston
Maurice Dixon


Andrew Noon
Rebecca Noon
Councillor Eddie Carrick, Clackmannanshire Council
Constable Chris Smith, Central Scotland Police

In attendance:

Councillor Janice Paterson, Clackmannanshire Council
Lesley Baillie, Community Council Liaison Officer, Clackmannanshire Council
Julia Fyfe
John Fyfe
Susan Gray
Ann Aitken
Val Calder
Gillian MacLean
Judy Collier

1. Appointments and resignations

Judy Collier was co-opted onto the Council.

2. Approval of minutes of 7th September 2011

Approved: Beth Cook
Seconded: Stan Paterson

3. Matters arising from minutes of 7th September 2011

• Traffic concern

The response from Mac West was as follows:
• Visibility exiting from Middleton Kerse Estate: this has been like this for 30 years and drivers should take their time when exiting.
• The foliage has been cleared from the 30mph sign on the Tullibody Road.
• The hump-back bridge will not be removed until the developers have erected the additional houses.

• Woodland

LS will be meeting with Mac West regarding the woodland next week.

• Pit Stop planning application:

Everybody has the right to object on Clackmannshire Council's website.

4. Treasurer's report

Audited Accounts were reported at the AGM.

5. Community Police Officers' report

In the absence of PC Smith a written report was read to the members.
Since the last meeting in September and excluding minor road traffic offences, 4 crime reports have been submitted. Of these, three have been detected and one minor act of vandalism remains undetected.

6. Councillor Patersons' report

Several traffic issues were highlighted and LS will contact Mac West.

Street lighting in Colsnaur is to be replaced in the next financial year. This will rectify the problem of the lights being on all the time.

It was indicated to Councillor Paterson that the path from the new housing is badly overgrown but it was pointed out that this is the responsibility of the housing maintenance contractor.

Councillor Paterson was asked if more salt bins could be provided before the winter. She indicated that the Council has agreed to provide more bins in areas where we think would be appropriate. Councillor Paterson will relate these areas back to the Council.

SP pointed out that there was a potential safety hazard with the rails on the bridge across the burn as they are leaning dangerously. Councillor Paterson will report this to the Council.

A Community Councillor also reported a case of people putting white lines on the road outside their house to deter parking. It is not legal to do this.

7. Community Woodland

A woodland clean-up will take place on Saturday 29th October. This will be from 10.00h onwards and everybody is welcome.

A complaint has been received from a resident on the woodland path about the state of the wall adjoining his property. LS will meet with Mac West to discuss this matter and will report back.


8. Dumyat Centre

Plans are moving forward. By the end of October there will be several changes to the Centre which will include the Library, low energy lighting, the floor in the main hall to be fixed as well as several other improvements.

Consideration is also being given to changing the name of the Centre and it is hoped the revamped Centre will be re-launched sometime in November when there will be an Open Day with taster sessions.

9. Correspondence

All correspondence was read and actioned.

10. Menstrie Matters

Approval was given for a small increase in advertising charges as it has been four years since there has been an increase.

11. Any other business

• Gala fundraising

BC intimated that the Gala fundraising Bingo Teas are now booked and they will be overseen by Susan and Ann.

• School whiteboard

Val Calder spoke on behalf of the school fundraising committee and asked if the Community Council would be willing to make a donation to the School t owards a whiteboard for Primary 2/3. The cost of this is approx. £3,500. This is the only class in the school which does not have a whiteboard.
After discussion it was agreed that we would write to the Director of Education with our view that this was a Council Education Department responsibility and not a community one.


• Dog zone in park ?

JC asked if the park could become a "no dog" zone as the dog deposits were a health danger to the children playing in the park. We will approach the Council and ask if a specific separate dog area could be zoned in the park.


• Glenochil Nursery

An email was received from the Senior Resource Worker, Adult Services regarding Glenochil Nursery. She is looking for the community to be more involved and perhaps volunteer, either as individuals or as a group, with the handicapped garden. She said that they would be happy for the community to use their poly tunnel.
We will ask her to come and talk to us at our next meeting on the 8th November to hear more about the proposal.


12. Date and time of the next meeting

Tuesday 8th November 2011 7.00 pm in the Dumyat Centre.

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