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Tuesday 9th October 2012 at 7.00pm, Dumyat Centre Community Room


In the chair

Stan Paterson (Chairperson)


Caroline Crawford


Judy Collier

Members present

Beth Cook
Jim Gardiner
Christine Kidston


Linda Matheson
Councillor Jim Stalker, Clackmannanshire Council

In attendance:

Councillor Les Sharp, Clackmannanshire Council
Inspector Malcolm MacEwan,
Constable Chris Smith, Central Scotland Police

1. Appointments and resignations

The following were appointed to Sub-committees: Sam Paton, David Wilson, Calum Ford, Lisa Ford, Pauline Cairns

2. Approval of minutes of meeting of 11th September 2012

Approved: Beth Cook
Seconded: Jim Gardiner

3. Matters arising from minutes

Covered by Agenda items

4. Treasurer's report

The audited accounts were circulated to members.

It was agreed, on discussion with our Auditor, that we would have a more detailed accounting system and this will be implemented in the new financial year. Further discussion will also be had as to whether we change our bankers.

5. Community Police Officers' report

A written report from the Community Police was circulated to members.

The back road is being used by youths between Alva and Menstrie. There has been a trail of destruction in the village over Friday, Saturday and Sunday. There seems to be an increase in incidents and several local problems were taken up by the police but residents were urged to phone the police and report any problems.

The incident of the flooding in the village was discussed and several years ago attempts were made locally to get the burn cleared of the trees but this was not done. A report has been prepared by Clackmannanshire Council with regard to the flooding but the Community Council has, as yet, not received a copy of this report. The Council are to be congratulated on getting Menstrie House up and running again in record time and the residents moved back in.

Some of the people who came along to the meeting expressed an interest in setting up a Sub-committee of the Community Council to look at the issue of flooding, community safety and anti-social behaviour.

The setting up of this sub-group will be deferred until the November meeting.

7. Councillors' Reports

In his absence Councillor Stalker submitted a written report.

Councillor Sharp submitted a two page report to the Council on the flooding issue and awaits feedback. He also confirmed that five years ago, as Chair of the Community Council, he tried to get the burn cleared of the trees etc. on the banking since this is not how it looked in the past as it had no vegetation and a wall on both sides to retain the water. He was able to produce historical evidence to this effect.

Negative feedback has been received as to why he should put a report into the Menstrie Matters as he was no longer a member of the Community Council. The report submitted is as a Clackmannanshire Councillor for the Menstrie area and he will continue to do this in order to inform constituents of matters of concern locally.

The Council have confirmed that the former Glenochil Nursery will not become a commercial concern and no decision has been made to date regarding its future.

7. Correspondence

All correspondence was read and actioned as required.

An invitation was received from the Church for the wreath-laying ceremony and it has been confirmed to them that Stan Paterson will do the honours.

8. Community Woodland

A tree branch came down on the woodland path during the recent strong winds. This has now been removed with the assistance of the CPO's. The Landscape Partnership has offered the services of their volunteers, accompanied by local people, for a woodland clean-up.

9. Dumyat Centre

The outside of the Centre is due to be painted this month. Linda and Caroline have tidied the Gala equipment in the cupboard in the Sports Hall as the Council requested that they store the chairs in this cupboard. Caroline met with two Council officials regarding storage and they will arrange to have the surplus equipment and rubbish to be removed from this cupboard.

10. Menstrie Matters

The next edition will be published towards the end of November and any articles need to be with Linda in good time for this publication date.

11. Any other business

Clackmannanshire Council have set up an Environmental Fund whereby every community in Clackmannanshire can apply for up to £10k for an environmental project. After discussion it was decided that we would apply for funding to create a Community Garden in the waste ground behind the Church, wherein we would grow our own plants for the tubs, hanging baskets and flower bed in the Nova Scotia Gardens. CC will liaise with the Church and our own members, as well as the Primary School as they have expressed a wish to be involved. CC will do the application.

David Wilson expressed willingness to go out on the Police Patrol on Friday 2nd November, commencing at 4.00p.m. until late evening.

Members are also invited by the Police to attend a PACT Workshop on Problem-Solving Techniques on the 26th November where the subject for interactive discussion will be 'Police And Community Together'.

Members are urged to try and attend as we can have up to four places at the Workshop.

There being no further business the meeting closed at 21.15.

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