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Tuesday 11th February 2014, Dumyat Centre Community Room


In the chair

Stan Paterson


Caroline Crawford


Judy Collier

Members present

Beth Cook
Linda Matheson
Christine Kidston


Jim Gardiner
Councillor Les Sharp, Clackmannanshire Council

In attendance:

Councillor Jim Stalker, Clackmannanshire Council
Constable Roy Mitchell, Central Scotland Police
Moira Wiseman, Menstrie School Forum

1. Appointments and resignations


2. Approval of minutes of meeting of 14th January 2014

Approved: Christine Kidston
Seconded: Linda Matheson

3. Matters arising from minutes

None not on the agenda.

4. Treasurer's report

The current balance stands at £17,670.61 which includes £7,000 ring-fenced project money.

5. Community Police report

PC Mitchell reported that there were 6 crimes since the last meeting.

Drugs are still the PACT* priorities.

The public police office in Tullibody will no longer be accessible for the public unless by appointment. The public should phone 101 to report non-emergencies. Shift patterns are due to change for officers.

The public should be made aware that there have been a lot of forged £20 notes, especially Clydesdale Bank notes, in circulation; also some £5 notes.

* Police and Communities Together - ed.

6. Councillors' reports

Councillor Stalker said that things have been relatively quiet at the Council and no date has yet been set for the budget meeting. Consultation on the budget is now closed.

Alva Academy Parent Council are concerned about the proposals that the children from Tillicoultry would have to walk to Alva Academy instead of using the bus as they are no longer in the 2 mile limit. This has not been decided yet.

He also voiced concern about the removal of some classroom assistants to the detriment of the pupils. He also said that Menstrie Primary School only have four reserve places for the next year.

7. School Forum Community Sports Project

Moira Anderson outlined the proposed plans to create a 14m x 18m MUGA (multi use games area), running track and some seating on the grassed area behind the school. The School Forum is now a registered charity. The overall cost is likely to be about £72K and it is hoped that some of the funding will come from the Commonwealth Games Legacy Fund run by the Lottery Fund. To qualify for funding this will have to be a community facility, available to the school during school hours and the community outwith school hours and holidays.

A questionnaire has been circulated asking what people would like to see within the MUGA. This will have to be a community effort and the Community Council agreed to discuss it later in the meeting.

The subject of the Commonwealth Games Baton Relay was also discussed and this will be passing through Menstrie on the Wednesday 25th June en route to Lornshill Academy by 6.30. No details are known at the moment but it will be in Menstrie sometime during mid to late afternoon.

The Chair thanked Moira for coming along.

8. Correspondence

The correspondence was read and actioned as necessary.

9. Community Woodland

Wild flower seeds have been secured from On The Verge and contact will be made with Amanda at OLP about help with planting them along the edge of the woodland next to the A91.


10. Community Garden

The Community Garden was vandalised by youths and the covering of the polytunnel destroyed. This will cost about £400 to replace as it is beyond repair. Vandals entered the area on two occasions. The Police were informed and two youths have been charged. We await the installation of CCTV camera and security lights.

JG is currently on holiday but on his return he has organised three Open Days in the Community Garden on 1st, 8th and 15th of March and it is hoped that anybody interested in helping in the Community Garden and being involved in a Development Group will come along and give their assistance. The success of this project lies with Community Volunteers. After the plants for the village tubs etc have been grown on in the polytunnel there will be the opportunity to use the polytunnel to grow tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers etc. This will be open to anybody to use a space in the tunnel.

11. Menstrie Matters

It was agreed that this item would be moved further up the Agenda. The cost of the latest issue was £520 and it was agreed that the new format should continue. Linda was congratulated on her efforts with the Newsletter.

12. Any other business

CK asked why there was the need for both a new hedge and a fence by the new cycle pavement and who has paid for it.


After discussion it was agreed to donate £5,000 from our ring-fence project money to the new proposed community sports facility.

There being no further business the meeting closed at 21.25.

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