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Tuesday 14th October 2014, Dumyat Centre Community Room


In the chair

Stan Paterson


Jim Gardiner


Caroline Crawford


Judy Collier

Members present

Beth Cook
Linda Matheson
Christine Kidson


Callum Ford
Councillor Les Sharp, Clackmannanshire Council
Lesley Baillie, Clackmannanshire Council

In attendance:

Constable Roy Mitchell, Central Scotland Police
Councillor Jim Stalker, Clackmannanshire Council

1. Appointments and resignations


2. Approval of minutes of meeting of 9th September 2014

Approved: Judy Collier
Seconded: Beth Cook

3. Matters arising from minutes

The vegetation on the path between the hump back bridge and Diageo has been cut back by Community Payback.

Linda Matheson expressed her upset that matters relating to Menstrie Matters had been discussed at the last meeting in her absence. Since this was an item on the Agenda every month it was explained that this was an item for discussion by the whole Committee. A satisfactory discussion was had over this matter and it was agreed that Linda would give a report on Menstrie Matters at every meeting.

4. Treasurer's report

This was already discussed at the AGM previous to this meeting.

Approved: Linda Matheson
Seconded: Beth Cook

Arrangements will be made to change our banking from the Unity Trust Bank to the Bank of Scotland as already agreed.

5. Community Police report

PC Mitchell gave a verbal report and a request was made for this to be emailed to the Community Council so that we can publish it on our website.

Officers will be allocated to Community Council meetings and PC Mitchell will try and be our main contact at our meeting if possible. Sgt Cadden and Sgt Chase are the sergeants who prepare the Community Police report and can be contacted by telephoning 101.

PC Mitchell reported that there were 4 reported crimes in the last month since 15th September. Two of these crimes were detected and two remained undetected. There will be increased patrols this weekend. There are still problems with the fake currency, especially £20 notes and people should be aware of this. Cars parked at the top corner of Brook Street on the yellow lines cause a problem, obscuring the view of cars exiting onto the main road. PC Mitchell will follow up.

PC Mitchell then left the meeting.

6. Councillors' reports

In the absence of Councillor Sharp there was no report from him.

Councillor Stalker reported:

The Council is concentrating on setting next year's budget with an overspend this year of £1.8m mainly due to Social Services so there was little to report.

CK requested a salt bin at Elmbank leading into Broompark West.


No feedback has been received from the walkabout with Councillor Stalker, the Chairperson and a member of the Clacks Council so this will be followed up.


7. Menstrie Matters

The closing date for articles will be 31st October. A new local printer has been sourced at no extra cost.

8. Correspondence

The correspondence was read and actioned as necessary.

9. Community Woodland

It was agreed that the woodland is looking a bit untidy and in need of a clean-up but this will not be done until all the leaves have fallen.

10. Community Garden

A very successful Open Day was held when about 40 people turned up to view the garden and some new volunteers were recruited. JG will get in touch with these people in the Spring when work will start again in the garden. Two visitors from Tullibody Community Garden came to view the garden and were very impressed with the layout. Linda has recently planted cauliflowers in the garden.

A laminated notice with opening times and contacts will be made and the garden will be open during daylight hours. SP agreed to open it up and close it later in the day.

The big tree in the corner of the garden needs to be removed.

The tubs outside Menstrie House had been planted out and Menstrie House agreed to water them over the Summer months. However this was not done and the plants died. It was agreed that we would not plant them up again unless Menstrie House agree to look after them.

11. School Community Sports Project

Nothing to report.

12. Gala and Fete update

Regular meeting are being held for next year's gala. The fundraising Bingo Teas are also being held every month, albeit not in our usual venue but in the Main Hall which is not as suitable. We have applied for a let for the Community Room (old Library) from next year but we await confirmation from Clacks Council.

13. EDF Representative

Caroline and Beth are the representatives on the EDF Panel for Burnfoot Hill Community Fund. Three panel members are required from each community so a notice has been placed asking for anybody wishing to take up the third place to apply. If there are no application then the third place can be taken up by another Community Councillor. The closing date for applications is 7th November.

14. Any other business

There being no further business the meeting closed at 21.25.
Date and time of next meeting: Tuesday 11th November.

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