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Tuesday 20th October 2015, Dumyat Centre Community Room


In the chair

Stan Paterson


Judy Collier


Caroline Crawford

Members present

Beth Cook
Jim Gardiner
Linda Matheson
Rhona Ramsay


Christine Kidston

In attendance:

Councillor Les Sharp, Clackmannanshire Council
Councillor Jim Stalker, Clackmannanshire Council
Lesley Baillie, Clackmannanshire Council
Constable David Armitage, Central Scotland Police

1. Appointments and resignations

Rhona Ramsay was welcomed as a new member of the Community Council.

2. Approval of minutes of meeting of 8th September 2015

Approved: Stan Paterson
Seconded: Jim Gardiner

3. Matters arising from minutes

All Agenda items.

4. Treasurer's report

5. Community Police report

PC Armitage introduced himself as one of the Community Policing Officers based at Alloa Police Station and said that the report is always reasonably short for Menstrie. Since the last meeting there have been 1 undetected crime and 9 detected crimes for the area.

There were five incidents of anti-social behaviour and one recorded incident of vandalism, which remains undetected. There have been two detected minor road traffic offences and one detected drugs offence. Local officers are continuing to carry out handheld radar when possible to enforce the speed limits.

PC Armitage then left the meeting.

6. Councillors' reports

Councillor Sharp gave an update since the last meeting.

The plaque to commemorate the Baton Relay has now been installed to the left of the main door.

Offset barriers will be installed at the exit and entrance to the new woodland pathway as will a new interpretation board at the entrance welcoming visitors to Menstrie and Clacks.

Stirling Council have withdrawn from the shared service agreement with Education and Social Services.

The sale of the vacant Glenochil Nursery site will be on the Agenda of next week's Clacks Council meeting.

Councillor Stalker also gave an update.

The biggest change has been Stirling Council pulling out of shared services, the decision having been by the Labour Group in Stirling. However there has to be one financial year before this can happen. No notification was given to Clacks Council before the decision was taken.

There are still poor reports on Primary Education in Clackmannanshire, combined with staffing problems in both Primary and Secondary Schools. Menstrie has a lot of composite classes and Councillor Stalker will meet with the Head teacher for a discussion on this matter which is of concern to many of the parents. However, in spite of the former comments the Care Inspectorate Report was much better with significant progress in many areas.

7. Menstrie Matters

The next issue will be due to go to the printers in early November and be delivered by the end of November. The deadline for content is 31st October.

8. Correspondence

Amongst the correspondence was a letter from two Menstrie pupils at Alva Academy outlining their trip to Malawi in 2016. They will be two of 10 Alva Academy pupils who will be undertaking volunteering in an Aids Orphanage and a community project. After a discussion it was agreed that we would donate the proceeds from the next Bingo Tea to the project.

9. Community Planning

This was discussed and it was agreed that it would be good for the village for us to undertake the process of a Community Plan. Lesley Baillie gave an outline of what a Community Plan would entail.

10. Community Garden

The garden will now be closed for the winter months and the beds cleared out ready for spring planting.

11. Menstrie Primary School Sports Project

There was no update on this.

12. Community Council EDF Small Grants Fund

CC will draw up posters and application forms for this fund which will be administered by the Community Council.


13. Any other business

After discussion it was decided that we would ask the Council to call an Interim Election in the hope that we can get more members on the Community Council.


A discussion was also had into the possibility of setting up a Senior Citizens Lunch Club in the Dumyat Centre and to this end we will invite Stuart Crickmar, Head of the Service to our next meeting to discuss the possibility. In the meantime CC will draw up a questionnaire which will be delivered with the next issue of Menstrie Matters to ascertain what interest there would be locally for such a project.


It was noted that our Community Noticeboard requires to be repaired.

LS is looking into the possibiity of a plaque being erected at the Parish Church to commemorate the Polish soldiers.

There is a tree root coming through the cycle path to the east of the entrance from East Mains and Middleton and this needs to be removed.


The chair thanked Lesley Baillie for coming along to the meeting.

There being no further business the meeting closed at 21.30.
Date and time of next meeting: 7.00 pm on Tuesday 10th November 2015.

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