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Tuesday 8th December 2015, Dumyat Centre Community Room


In the chair

Stan Paterson


Caroline Crawford

Members present

Christine Kidston
Beth Cook
Linda Matheson
Jim Gardiner
Obaid Rehman


Judy Collier
Rhona Ramsay
Callum Ford

In attendance:

Councillor Les Sharp, Clackmannanshire Council
Constable Leigh Allan, Central Scotland Police

1. Appointments and resignations


2. Approval of minutes of meeting of 10th November 2015

Approved: Christine Kidston
Seconded: Linda Matheson

3. Matters arising from minutes

A thank-you was sent to the members of the Church of the Latter Day Saints for their volunteering at the planting of the wild flower seeds.

4. Treasurer's report

5. Community Police report

PC Allen intimated that he was now the permanent Community Policeman covering Menstrie and Tullibody. Working in Menstrie was a breath of fresh air as there were only two recorded incidents of violence towards the public or police in the Menstrie area since the last month's report.

There was one report of a vehicle having struck the side of the Dumyat Centre. An accident report was submitted.

There were 25 calls recorded on the STORM system. Very few of these had any community element to them.

At this point Constable Allen left the meeting.

6. Councillors' reports

Councillor Sharp gave an update since the last meeting.

Work continues on the Council's budget implementation.

There is an on-line budget exercise on Clackweb which the public can access and set their own budget and people are urged to go on-line and see how difficult the exercise is. There could be further cuts required to come out of the budget as a result of decisions taken by the Westminster Government.

When the bin collection goes to 3-weekly people can have their bins changed from a small one to a larger one, or vice versa, by contacting the relevant Council department.

7. Community Council election

Two new members were elected to the Community Council following the interim election. They are Rhona Ramsay and Obaid Rehman.

8. Menstrie Matters

The cost of the last issue was increased by 2.5% for credit card payment. Another 25 copies had also to be ordered.

9. Proposed Lunch Club

Questionnaires were circulated with every copy of the Menstrie Matters, and a box for replies was put into the Dumyat Centre. The date for replies will be the end of December. A decision will be taken at the next meeting whether we go ahead with organising a Lunch Club.

10. Correspondence

A cheque for £250 was sent to Alva Academy as a contribution to the Malawi Project and we await a receipt.

11. Community Woodland

A successful wild seed planting event was held, mainly due to the volunteers from the Church of the Latter Day Saints in Alloa.

There is a tree overhanging one of the gardens of the houses by the woodland path which needs to be removed. Arrangements will be made to have this done as soon as possible.

12. Menstrie Primary School sports project

CC had attended the School Forum meeting and it was decided at that meeting that a new fundraising group would be formed to take forward the MUGA project. Unfortunately the funding received from CSET had to be returned due to the current lack of matched funding.

The School is looking towards creating an outdoor classroom at an estimated cost of £10k. Currently approx. £5k has been raised by the School and the Forum and CC suggested using the £5k donated by the Community Council for the MUGA towards this project and agreed to take it back to the Community Council meeting for their decision.

This was duly discussed at the meeting and it was an unanimous decision for the School to transfer the money to this project.

13. Community Council EDF Small Grants Fund

In spite of two application forms being given to local groups so far no applications have been received.

14. Christmas Carols and Santa

Due to work commitments, an understudy Santa will be sourced, also the possibility of a piano player.

15. Any other business

The local pharmacy has a new pharmacist, Judith Weall, who will be resident in Menstrie all the time.

There being no further business the meeting closed at 21.20.
Date and time of next meeting: 7.00 pm on Tuesday 12th January 2016.

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