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Tuesday 9th February 2016, Dumyat Centre Community Room


In the chair

Stan Paterson


Caroline Crawford


Jim Gardiner

Members present

Beth Cook
Linda Matheson
Obaid Rehman


Rhona Ramsay
Callum Ford
Judy Collier
Christine Kidston

In attendance:

Councillor Les Sharp, Clackmannanshire Council
Constable Brentt Chambers, Central Scotland Police
Jim Campbell

1. Appointments and resignations


2. Approval of minutes of meeting of 12th January 2016

Approved: Linda Matheson
Seconded: Obaid Rehman

3. Matters arising from minutes

Reply received from Charles Norman in response to our letter requesting that the speed limit, which is currently 30mph, on the backroad from Menstrie to Alva be reduced in the interests of safety. The reply stated that the introduction of a 20mph limit on this section of road would be inappropriate given the volume of traffic, although new guidance last year would allow the flexibility to implement a 20mph limit if it was felt that the composition of users would benefit from such a limit. The vehicle counts show the level of usage to be very low with fewer than 10 vehicles per hour. Also the use of road humps to deter cyclists from speeding would also be inappropriate and may lead to accidents, rather than preventing them. It also meets the criteria for a safer route to school as laid down by Education. With regard to potholes on the road, members of the public can report these to the Council's helpline on 01259 450000 and these will be attended to as quickly as possible.

Reply also received from the Alan Murray re. the Vehicle Actuated Speed Sign at the bottom of the Tullibody Road. The sign has not been working for some time and it is nearing the end of its useful life and the street lighting engineer has been asked to carry out an inspection but it may be that it is now not able to be repaired. A survey of all the road signs throughout Clacks is being undertaken and it may be that the sign will have to be removed until funds are available for a replacement.

Reply also received from Scott Walker re. our enquiry about the removal of the resurfacing work at Burnside Road/Dumyat Road from the current schedule of repairs. Due to a lack of resources this had to be delayed. Confirmation that both these roads are now scheduled to be resurfaced during 2016/17, with the most likely time being during the summer of 2016.

Reply also received re. our request that a dog bin be situated at the entrance to Middleton Kerse. There has been no record of dog fouling complaints but the bin on the opposite side of the road will be replaced with a dual purpose bin should any issues arise. We have requested that since there are two dog bins in the Kerry site, then the one at the beginning (which is hidden from view by the hedge) be re-sited onto the 20mph sign on the other side of the road at the entrance to Middleton Kerse.


4. Treasurer's report

5. Councillors' reports

Councillor Sharp circulated a written report to all members which included the following points:

Councillor Sharp was asked on our behalf to raise the matter of what could be done about cyclists giving a warning when they approach pedestrians from behind on the core paths and whether a local bye-law could be introduced.


At this point PC Chambers joined the meeting.

6. Community Police report

PC Chambers gave an update of incidents since our last meeting: There have been 3 undetected crimes and 2 detected crimes in Menstrie.

Facebook and Twitter - Community messages and events can be placed on local Police sites via the Community Policing Sergeant
or by email at: leigh.allen@scotland.pnn.police.uk
or by telephoning 101 and asking for the Community Policing Sergeant.

At this point PC Chambers left the meeting.

7. Menstrie Matters

The next issue is currently at the printers and should be ready for distribution by February. The cost of this issue was £ 520.

8. Proposed Lunch Club

The Lunch Club is ready to start on the 11th of this month.

9. Correspondence

All correspondence was read and actioned where necessary.

At this point Obaid Rehman left the meeting.

10. Community Woodland

The path along the woodland has been scraped by Community Payback. Some of the gulleys need to be cleared and it was suggested that we should put some branches or wood along the edges of the path to protect the gulleys.

11. Menstrie Primary School sports project

BC attended the last School Forum meeting but there was no update to report on the Sports Project.

12. Community Garden

The spring bulbs are beginning to appear in the garden. Plants will need to be purchased, along with fertiliser etc. for the summer planting of the baskets and tubs. Agreed we would do a funding application to Scotmid/Co-operative Community Fund for support. JG will provide CC with a list of what we require.


13. Community Council EDF Small Grants Fund

No further applications have been received to date.
Forms have been given to the Mother & Toddler Group and the Church's Summer Playscheme.
David Sharp has applied to EDF to be our third representative for Menstrie on the committee and awaits acceptance.

14. Gala & Fete Week

The next meeting will be on the 15th February and a letter re. funding support will be sent in the meantime to Kerry and Diageo as local businesses.


Planning is well in hand for both events. LS informed us that Broomhall Castle Hotel are willing to provide two open-topped cars for the procession.

15. Future events

The Duck Race will take place on the 17th April and LM has the organisation of it in hand. JG said that he has a net which might be suitable for catching the ducks.

16. Any other business

There being no further business the meeting closed at 21.20.

Date and time of next meeting: 7.00 pm on Tuesday 8th March 2016.

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