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Tuesday, 8th November 2016, 7.00pm, Dumyat Centre Community Room


In the chair

Stan Paterson


Jim Gardiner


Caroline Crawford


Judy Collier

Menstrie Matters

Linda Matheson

Members present

Beth Cook
Christine Kidston
Obaid Rehman


Councillor Les Sharp, Clacks Council

In attendance:

Lesley Baillie, CC Liaison Officer
Andrew Hunter, Depute Returning Officer Clacks Council
Annette McEnaney, Clacks Council
Jack Gervaise
PC Ian Moffat

1. Welcome and introductions

Stan Paterson welcomed the representatives from Clacks Council and handed over the Chair to Andrew Hunter, Depute Returning Officer who explained the process for election of a Chairperson at this Inaugural Meeting of Menstrie Community Council.

2. Election of Chairperson

Stan Paterson was nominated as Chairperson by Beth Cook and seconded by Judy Collier.
As there were no further nominations Stan duly accepted the Chair.
The Depute Returning Officer then handed over to the new Chair for the remainder of the meeting and thanked the Council representatives for attending.

At this point the three representatives from Clacks Council then left the meeting.

3. Election of office bearers

Vice Chair: Jim Gardiner Proposed: Beth Cook Seconded: Christine Kidston
Secretary: Caroline Crawford Proposed: Stan Paterson Seconded: Linda Matheson
Treasurer: Judy Collier Proposed: Caroline Crawford Seconded: Obaid Rehman
Office: Media: Linda Matheson Proposed: Judy Collier Seconded: Beth Cook

That concluded the nominations process.

4. Approval of minutes of 11th October 2016

Approved: Linda Matheson
Seconded: Beth Cook

5. Matters arising from minutes

All agenda items.

6. Treasurer's report

The balances were as follows:
Current Account - £12,524.15
Cash in hand - £272.66

7. Community Police report

In the absence on leave of the two Community Police, PC Ian Moffat gave the police report.
There were no crimes recorded for anti-social behaviour but three youth related calls. There were three crimes of vandalism in the area, all concerning vehicles. There were no acquisitive crimes recorded. There was one road traffic offence and one failure to comply with bail conditions. At our request speed camera checks were carried out at Menstrie Brae but no concerns were raised. Continued monitoring will take place. We were made aware of an increase in Voucher Fraud and ATM scams. It was recommended that people check the ATM machines to see if they have been tampered with and always shield their PIN if they suspect anybody acting suspiciously. Enquiries are continuing in connection with the recent house break-ins locally and in other areas.

8. Councillors' reports

Councillor Stalker gave a verbal report and gave apologies for non-attendance at the last meeting.

Since taking over the administration things have been hectic, although interesting. He gave an update of meetings he had attended recently and also said they had a small reception for the Syrian families now living in Clackmannanshire. This took place in the Council Chambers. He said he was still involved with Education and as Depute Leader was the representative on other committees on behalf of the administration. There will now be quarterly reports to the Council re. attainment measurements for education. Next year's budget is the main topic at the moment. There are very little reserves as they were used in the last four budgets. The budget this year will be really tight. It is hoped that there will be no compulsory redundancies as some people have volunteered for voluntary redundancy. However in light of all this we are reasonably confident that we will bring in a balanced budget for next year although we still don't know what the Government grant for Clacks will be. £2M has been allocated to Clackmannanshire for the Longannet Task Force to help with re- employment. As regards the City Deal Scheme, Clackmannanshire is now included with Stirling and there could be a considerable amount of money for improvements in Clacks re. road improvements, transport upgrading, energy projects and advice etc. There has been a £2M overspend in Social Services for this year.

CK asked that the tree by her house be trimmed.

ACTION - Cllr Stalker

9. Menstrie Matters

The next issue is being collated at the moment but there is still space for two pages of information.

This will be the Christmas issue.

10. Lunch Club

The Lunch Club continues to thrive and the trip to the Pantomime in December has been organised.
We still have room for more people to attend.

11. Correspondence

All correspondence was read and actioned as necessary.

12. Community Garden

The garden is now closed for the winter, all the tubs etc. having been planted with spring bulbs. The hanging baskets are about to be removed.

13. Community Woodland

A party of volunteers strimmed the wild flowers and weedkiller has been applied to the surrounding area. The path has had the leaves removed from it by a volunteer. The Japanese knotweed will be treated. The help of volunteers is very much appreciated.

13. Gala & fete week

The first meeting was held last month and the bare bones of the events discussed. There will be a further meeting next week. Any member of the public is welcome to attend.

14. Christmas Carols and Santa Claus

It was agreed that if David isn't available then Bob Cook would again be asked. LM will inform the School of the date and time and she will purchase Santa gifts.

15. EDF Small Grant Scheme

LM requested forms be sent to the Beavers.

16. Any other business

The School has informed us that the Outdoor Classroom should be completed by the end of the year as progress was held up by the planning application.

There being no further business the meeting closed at 21.20.

Date of next meeting - Tuesday 13th December, 2016

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