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Tuesday, 13th December 2016, 7.00pm, Dumyat Centre Community Room


In the chair

Stan Paterson


Jim Gardiner


Caroline Crawford


Judy Collier

Menstrie Matters

Linda Matheson

Members present

Obaid Rehman


Councillor Stalker, Clacks Council
Beth Cook
Christine Kidston

In attendance:

Councillor Stalker, Clacks Council
Constable Brentt Chambers, Police Scotland
Michael Cranston + 2 RAB Consultants UK

1. Approval of minutes for 8th November 2016

Approved: Linda Matheson
Seconded: Obaid Rehman

2. Flood warning service

The Chair introduced Michael Cranston to the members. He explained that he was working with the University of Dundee on a research project looking at the effectiveness of Scotland's flood warning service. All Floodline customers will be receiving a questionnaire shortly to understand their views of the service. However he would like to do a series of more in-depth interviews with people in a number of communities. They are using the Devon Valley as one of their case study areas and wanted the views of members of the Menstrie Community Council. An exercise followed where everybody took part in highlighting the pros and cons of the effectiveness of SEPA's flood warning system. The members pointed out that we were not adjacent to a major river and the alerts did not have any useful warnings for the village. There have been two major floods in Menstrie over the last ten years although it had been forecast that a flood would be a 1:100 year occurrence in the village.

The Chair thanked Michael for coming along and Michael said he would pass on to us the link for the Floodline Service. At this point the visitors left the meeting.

[Link for the Menstrie Floodline Service: Floodline, SEPA, for Menstrie Industrial Site - Ed.]

3. Matters Arising from minutes

All agenda items.

4. Treasurer's report

The balances were as follows:
Bank balance - £12,640.22
Cash in hand - £ 628.22

5. Community Police report

PC Brentt Chambers gave the police report.

Over the last month there have been 2 undetected crimes recorded.
There were no incidents of anti- social behaviour, vandalism or violence recorded. It should be noted that traffic offences are routinely detected and dealt with by the police without the need for them to be recorded.
Both Leigh and Brentt have undertaken internet talks for 8-12 year olds.
PC Andy McGurk also has dedicated liaison days at Alva Academy.

PC Chambers then left the meeting.

6. Councillors' reports

The chair welcomed Councillor Sharp to the meeting after his period of absence due to illness.

He had been in correspondence with Greenbelt following their decision to erect a 6ft high fence around a play area in Rowan Crescent within the Manor Kingdom development in response to an anonymous complaint regarding anti-social behaviour. Councillor Sharp on behalf of residents wrote to Greenbelt asking what their rationale was for doing this. He received a letter in response saying that they had done this to protect the children from a threat of anti-social behaviour. No evidence was given. The Council legal department will now be consulted on the situation.

The Council's budget proposals on savings will be on the Citizens Space of Clacksweb as from next week when the public can make comment on them.

7. Participatory budgeting

CC has attended two meetings on PB and applications from the local community will have to be with the Council by 31st December at the latest with any proposed projects being able to be completed by the end of March at the latest. Since any local applications will have to be voted on by the local community we will be hosting an event on the 28th January 2017 from 1-4pm in the Dumyat Centre to which all members of the community will be encouraged to come along to discuss the proposed projects and vote on their choice. We will provide some entertainment for the children and tea/coffee for the adults in the hope that this will encourage them to be engaged with the process. All Community Council members will be asked to be involved. It is proposed to do a leaflet drop to every house in the village and LM will ascertain if the volunteers who deliver the Menstrie Matters would be happy to facilitate this.

8. Menstrie Matters

The Christmas issue has been delivered.

9. Lunch Club

The Lunch Club continues to thrive and the members are looking forward to their trip to the Pantomime.

10. Correspondence

All correspondence was read and actioned as necessary.

11. Community Woodland

The banking on the wood side needs to be scraped back. This will be looked into.

12. Gala & fete week

No meeting in December but planning meetings will resume in January.
LM has booked Party Animals for the Gala.

13. Christmas Carols and Santa Claus

It was agreed that Davie Ferguson would be asked to be Santa this year but if unavailable then Bob Cook might be able to do it.

14. Community Plan

This has now been passed and hopefully will start to progress in January with the interview and appointment of Consultants. This will be facilitated by Foundation Scotland and ourselves.

15. EDF Grants

No application has been received from the Beavers after their request for a form for the small grant.
Our grant application to EDF for the Christmas lighting has been approved.

16. Any other business

No further information on the progress of the outdoor classroom has been received from the school.

There being no further business the meeting closed at 21.25.

Date of next meeting - Tuesday 10th January, 2017

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