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Community Police Officers' Report, March 2011

Every month the Community Police present a report to the Community Council.
This is a copy of the report from March 8th.


Since the last meeting, excluding minor road traffic offences of which there have been been 8 (one for drink driving), 14 crime reports have been submitted. These crimes consist of Assault (minor) and Vandalism (to vehicle) at The Burnside Public House, undetected at this time. Lines of enquiry are being pursued.

Police Constable Chris Smith writes ...

From the listed crimes my main concern is the ongoing issues in relation to one victim being targeted and racially abused. On one occasion the culprit was charged and appeared at court to where they pleaded guilty. In relation to the second incident there are positive lines of enquiry and this is not connected (different suspects) in any way to the previous incident. Ally and I will monitor this very closely and will not tolerate any such behavior. All identified will be charged and put before the courts.

The other concern is the escalation in assaults outside the Burnside. All three incidents are not connected and did not occur within the premises. It seems they have been committed in the street after or near to closing time. During our ASBIT† patrols we will monitor closing time to show a police presence and hopefully avoid further repercussions. I will also liaise with the licensee to give advice and work with him to negate any anti social behavior.

Youth issues

No real concerns in relation to youth calls. Again consensual searches regularly take place to deter the youths from carrying weapons and alcohol.

Other issues

We are aware that there has been an increased level of reported crime in Menstrie in the last month. We will maintain a high visibility approach within Menstrie. Ally and I are always looking for feedback from the community and if there are any concerns that need highlighted and addressed, we are more than happy to listen and act upon them. Our main concerns is the racial crimes and the disorder at the Burnside Inn. We will patrol and monitor these areas as best we can. We can also utilise the community wardens who work alongside the Community Police Officers to show a greater high visibility presence which should reassure the community.

Parking near the primary school

It was highlighted at the last community meeting that there was a problem with parking at the primary school. I have monitored this on several occasions. Whist I have been there the parents seem to adhere to the parking restrictions and no offences have been committed. I will, however, keep regular presence and stay in contact with the headmaster and address any complaints.

Chris Smith
Menstrie Community Policeman

March 2011

† ASBIT: Antisocial Behaviour Investigation Team, ed.

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