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Community Police Officers' Report, October 2012


Since the 11th of September 2012 there have been 8 recorded crimes.

Of these crimes 2 are detected which relate to:

6 crimes remain undetected compromising of:

All the undetected crimes reported would appear to be connected. At present there are no lines of enquiry. However, myself and David will make efforts to identify this crowd of youths believed to be responsible and robustly deal with them.

Other Issues

PACT* Priorities for Alva and Menstrie in September and October 2012

1. Reduce the number of calls to Stirling Street, Alva whereby persons are acting in a disorderly manner and asking members of the community for money.

Some residents are still being pestered and hassled for money, by suspected drugs users, whilst they are in Stirling Street, Alva. This is a issue which we will not tolerate, especially when the persons are being aggressive or intimidating towards residents. We would ask any victims of this to contact us with the details, which will help us to identify the persons responsible, alleviate any further issues. I cannot stress the importance of contacting the police, when this occurs, either as a victim or as a witness. One male has already been charged with a breach of the peace in relation to this and if enough evidence is gathered for other incidents then we will have no hesitation in doing the same.

Myself, David and the community warden team will be providing a high visibility presence to address the concerns raised over this matter and we need the help of the community to deal with this.

* Police and Communities Together - ed.

Notes on crime

On Monday 8th of October a call was received to police from a resident in relation to youths congregating and causing annoyance. As a result the complainer challenged the group where he has subsequently been verbally abused with homophobic comments.

Youth issues

It has come to my attention that there have been numerous complaints in relation to youths congregating in Ochil Street, Castle Street and surroundings streets. These youths are believed to be responsible for the damaged windows and thefts from gardens. I am very keen to have these youths identified, and dealt with appropriately before the problem escalates further. Our ASBIT† patrols will include dealing with the rise in youth disorder.

† ASBIT: Antisocial Behaviour Investigation Team - ed.

PC 292 Chris Smith
Menstrie Community Policeman
Tullibody Police Office
01786 456000

October 2012

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