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Community Police Officers' Report, November 2012


Since the last meeting on 9th October 2012 there have been 7 recorded crimes not including minor road traffic offences.

Of these crimes 4 are detected which relate to:

3 crimes remain undetected comprising:

Other Issues

PACT* Priorities for November and December 2012

Reduce the number of calls relating to Anti-social behaviour involving youths in the areas of Ochil Road, Menstrie Place, Castle Road and Windsor Street, Menstrie during the evenings of most days.

We have received several complaints in the past 4 weeks, from different residents in Menstrie, regarding youths causing annoyance, vandalism, theft and youths drinking. We have managed to identify the groups involved, there appears to be two groups, one predominantly males on bikes and the other a group of females.

Both groups are known to the Police and we have been spending time speaking to them and their parents about the issues they have been causing. We hope to cut out the kind of behaviour these individuals have been showing quickly before more people suffer, and I would encourage residents in Menstrie to contact us regarding any such issues or if they have information which would assist us in dealing with these groups.

* Police and Communities Together - ed.

Youth issues

After reviewing the crimes occurring since the last meeting it is evident that several vandalisms have occurred in Menstrie, where evidence suggests that youths are involved. As previously detailed, we have interviewed some of the youths in relation to these vandalisms; however we are still investigating them before charging those responsible.

After speaking with the youths and their parents we hope we will have an impact on the issues being caused.

PC 703 David Armitage
Tullibody Police Office
01786 456000

November 2012

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