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Community Police Officers' Report, January 2013


Since the last meeting on 11th December 2012 there have been 4 recorded crimes.

Of these crimes 3 are detected which relate to:

1 crime remains undetected comprising:

Other Issues

PACT* Priorities for November and December 2012

Reduce the number of calls relating to anti-social behaviour involving youths in the areas of Ochil Road, Menstrie Place, Castle Road and Windsor Street, Menstrie during the evenings of most days.

What have we done about this?


We had an issue with antisocial behaviour in the areas of Ochil Road, Menstrie Place, Castle Road, Main Street West and Windsor Street, Menstrie.


We have been carrying out high visibility patrols in the area, involving the ASBIT† teams, council warden team and response officers, in a proactive manner and also in a reactive manner. We have been in touch with the local residents who have been complaining in relation to offer reassurance.

So far we have managed to reduce the amount of calls we have received. Between September and October 2012, we received 21 ASB related calls. Between November and December and 2012 we received 12 ASB calls.

After initially identifying the group responsible there has been a reduction for the following two months in calls to police. These high visibility patrols will continue. However this problem will not be continued as a PACT priority.

* Police and Communities Together - ed.

† ASBIT: Antisocial Behaviour Investigation Team, ed.

Drugs Intelligence

Over the last couple of months intelligence was received by police in relation to person(s) cultivating cannabis within an address in Menstrie. As a result of this a search warrant was applied for and granted.

On Friday 21st December 2012, this warrant was executed by members of the community police team and resulted in a male being reported to the Procurator Fiscal for various misuse of drugs offences.

This result shows that information gained from members of the community to police is crucial in tackling drug dealers. If anyone has information about drug dealing or drug misuse then please contact David or myself and let's target the drug dealers together.

PC 292 Chris Smith
Tullibody Police Office
01786 456000

January 2012

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