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Community Police Officers' Report, February 2013


Since the last meeting on 08th January 2013 there have been 4 recorded crimes.

Of these crimes 2 are detected which relate to:

2 crimes remain undetected comprising:

Notes on undetected thefts

After reviewing the undetected theft crimes recorded, we can say that both crimes appear to have been opportunistic. One of the crimes involves an individual leaving a purse behind, which was then stolen. The other involves suspects who are known to the complainer. The Police have interviewed these individuals and unfortunately we have insufficient evidence to charge them at this time.

I would emphasise to the community that we don't expect this to form any part of a crime pattern. However, we would encourage residents in Menstrie to remain vigilant and keep their property secure and safe.

Other Issues

PACT* Priorities for January and February 2013

After receiving complaints regarding parking issues at Menstrie Primary School from both teaching staff and parents taking their children to School, Chris and I decided to make the issue a PACT priority.

We have been carrying out high visibility patrols during school start and finishing times, where possible. So far, as expected when we are present, most drivers are considerate and take heed of the parking restrictions. We are also conducting patrols in Alva, so we have to split our time between both schools.

This is no doubt a recurring issue, so we are also liaising with the roads department to see if we can improve the signage and remark the lines, which should also help to improve the situation.


* Police and Communities Together - ed.

PC 703 David Armitage
Tullibody Police Office
01786 456000

February 2013

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