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Community Police Officers' Report, April 2013


Since the last meeting on 12th March 2013 there has been one very minor road traffic offence detected.
No other crimes have been recorded, which I'm sure everyone will be delighted to hear.
Long may it continue.

Youth Issues

Over the last month there have been two calls in relation to youths causing annoyance. Both were minor in nature and isolated incidents.

Other Issues

PACT* Priorities for March and April 2013

Following on from the previous PACT priority, we have decided to continue to monitor parking issues at both Menstrie and Alva Primary Schools. We have come to this decision as, unfortunately, we were unable to give the issues the attention we would have liked to. This was owing to Chris and I having other tasks and priorities.

We did manage to patrol the affected areas on occasion; In particular, we visited Menstrie Primary School and carried out high visibility patrols in the vicinity of the school. Chris and I felt that this had a good effect and noted several vehicles were moving to safer areas to park. We are obviously aware that when we are not present, drivers continue to park in unsafe areas.

David and I also had reason to speak with a Carolyn Fraser, Traffic Management and Road Safety Manager for Clackmannanshire Council. As a result of this meeting she intimated that the road markings outside the primary school will be repainted sometime in the near future. The markings at present are not in the best state of repair so hopefully this will enhance the message that we are trying promote safer parking.


PC 292 Christopher Smith
Police Office, Alloa
01786 456000

* Police and Communities Together - ed.

April 2013

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