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Autumn 2007

We didn't get many sunny summer days for walking in the wood this year. However the well trodden yet muddy paths are an indication of a very welcome increase in footfall in the wood. The very dense leafy canopy is no doubt due to the mild Spring and exceptionally wet Summer.

Autumn is not far off when we will experience the most colourful period of the year in the wood. At this time most of the trees will produce their very distinctive fruits. Try this for a family project. Collect a single leaf sample of as many different tree types as you can. Then collect a small sample of each tree's fruit. When you get home randomly mix all of your collection and then sort them out matching each leaf with its respective fruit. Sycamore, Ash, Elder, Rowan, Hawthorn and Beech should be easy to find. However Gean (wild cherry), and Blackthorn will be a little more difficult to find.

September 2007

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