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Early Spring 2008

With the arrival of spring the wood is showing the first signs of the trees and woodland plants stirring from their winter rest. The green shoots of the bluebells and wild garlic are beginning to cover the bare woodland floor and in some four or five weeks we will witness the wood floor transformed into a spectacular carpet of blue with occasional patches of brilliant white.

Can you recognise the different tree species by the shape and colour of the leaf buds? This is a more difficult exercise than leaf identification. What tree types have been in leaf for the last month? Another indication that spring has arrived in the wood is the sight and sound of the wood's birdlife. Find a rock or a fallen tree trunk and sit quietly for a time and you will soon be surrounded by the varied birdlife to be found in the wood. It is very encouraging to note how the paths in the wood are becoming more clearly defined by the increase in footfall over the last year.


While a number of community volunteers were recently removing a large tree which had fallen across the lower path prior to the work starting on the upgrading of the path, we noticed two men carrying a large pampas grass-type root and associated vegetation from their garden and dumping it in the wood alongside the path. (FLY TIPPING CAN CARRY A £1000 FINE)

March 2008

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