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High Summer 2009

The exceptional growth in the wood's tree leaves this year has produced a very dense wood canopy. Even on bright sunny days some areas of the wood can be quite dark. This feature contributed to the very quick demise of the superb bluebell and wild garlic displays of early April and May. This very dense state of the canopy should also heighten our awareness of one of the wood's objective dangers - that of walking in the wood in very high winds, especially those coming from the south and south-west. Those of you walking on the lower path will be aware of the very large branch brought down recently by gale-force winds blocking the path some 50 yards west of the church. It would therefore be wise to avoid walking in the wood in high winds.

How well do you know your trees?

This is a good time to see if you can find and identify each tree's fruits. The elm has passed but you may still find some on the ground. However ash, sycamore, hawthorn, oak, blackthorn and elder should be easy to find. You will have to travel well off the main paths to find fruits of gean and beech.

Tom Mack

Woodland Litter

The Chairman comments:

I took a walk with Tom Mack the other day through our beautiful woodland, both of us dismayed at the vandalism we found there. Not your usual stuff; graffiti etc. This is being done by adults: fly tipping, and what makes it even worse is the fact that it is totally unnecessary. We witnessed a number of areas where tipping had taken place, lawn mowings simply dumped at the verge of the path, branch trimmings simply thrown into the woods, garden 'tidyings' just dumped. Everyone has a brown bin provided for exactly this rubbish. In some cases the perpetrators must have walked farther to dump their rubbish than putting it in their own bin.

Garden waste being dumped in the woods is not acceptable: Put it in your brown bin where it will be composted. This compost is then available free of charge at Glenochil Nursery.

Les Sharp

September 2009

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