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November 2011

It's the last week of November and the wood has at least two trees an Elm and an Oak still completely covered in green leaves. This situation supports the claim that we are likely to see this November become the mildest since records began. Green leaves are still to be seen on many trees although outdone by the spectacular autumn colours of the past few weeks. The lack of strong winds has enabled us to enjoy the wonderful yellow, brown and red changing leafy canopy of the woodland trees over the past five weeks.

Not only are the green leaves testaments to such a mild November, but also the woodland birds are singing as if spring had arrived. If you make your way well up into the wood and kick aside the fallen leaves you will see, already, the new shoots of the flowers that will carpet the woodland floor in spring next year.

What an excellent job the lads from Community Industry made of clearing the woodland path and removing fly-tipping debris. Let's hope their efforts and those of the volunteer group who removed a large quantity of litter from the sides of the path will be respected by the individuals who in the past have used the wood for dumping their rubbish. This is a splendid and much used walk: Lets keep it that way!

Fly tipping can attract fines of up to £40,000.00.

(See the bottom of the linked page - ed.)

November 2011

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