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March 2012

Spring is truly on its way. The previously bare woodland floor is 'greening' over as the wood's annual plants begin to emerge from their winter rest. At the present time walkers in the wood will see the early shoots of wild garlic and bluebells as well as other woodland species and in a few weeks time - at the end of April and the beginning of May - will witness that wonderful transformation of the woodland floor to a splendid carpet of bright blue and white as the bluebells and wild garlic come into full bloom.

Woodland walkers will also be aware of the increase in the sound and activity of the wood's bird life in the last few weeks. A group of nine members of the Tit family were recently seen near the board walk: Four great tits, three blue tits and two long-tailed tits, the latter not often seen in the wood - together with a tree creeper 'twisting' its way up the trunk of a young ash tree.

At the same time looking up through the bare skeletons of the leafless woodland trees you could see that splendid soaring flight of the wood's two buzzards. The wood's rookery is all noise at the moment as the rooks, like the other woodland birds, make preparation for the imminent nesting season. The trees are also getting ready to come into leaf. Buds on the sycamores are increasing in size and the elder trees have been in new leaf for some weeks.

Do keep walking on the various woodland paths especially the middle path where you can enjoy a greater sense of the woodland ambience. Take along your camera when you are walking in the wood. When did you last see a 'secret' violet? You will need to explore well off the regular woodland paths to find any.

March 2012

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