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MENSTRIE Community Views Survey, 2017

  1. What DO YOU LIKE about Menstrie?

  2. What DON'T YOU LIKE about Menstrie?

  3. What would make Menstrie BETTER to live in, work in or visit?

  4. What would help make Menstrie more SUSTAINABLE?
    e.g. energy efficiency, renewable energy, recycling & re-use, transport, local produce or ANYTHING ELSE!

  5. What are the priorities for action - one SMALL thing we could try and do soon - and one BIG thing to work on!
    A Small Thing:

    A Big Thing:

  6. What is your ideal VISION for the future of our community - the best it could be in 20 YEARS' TIME?

If you would like us to keep you informed of progress, please provide your contact details below.
We will not share these details with anyone else.

Name: _________________________________________________Email: ___________________________ ___________________________
Other contact (phone/address) if preferred:

If you wish to keep your response confidential, you can return it in an envelope to the Forge Tearoom, rather than to your survey volunteer.
The survey is also available on line https://www.surveymonkey.co.uk/r/MENSTRIE
Everyone's views will be taken into account.
Please encourage others to take part in the survey - the more responses we get the better!

Grant funded by Local Energy Scotland and Clackmannanshire Council
Menstrie Community Futures : Our Community Action Plan 2017-2022 Survey

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