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Menstrie Community Council

Menstrie Gala Committee

As you know, Menstrie enjoyed its first Gala for many years in June this year. This was the result of many months of hard work and fundraising by the Gala Committee, made up of members of the Community Council and other residents of our village.

Most people, we hope, enjoyed the week's events and Gala Day. We were astonished at the turnout at all the week's activities and have been delighted by the number of people who have stopped us to say how much it brought back village life.

The success of the week has left us in a good position for next year both with the contacts we have made and financially; and we hope to expand on our ambitions for this week of community activities for 2009.

We do lack a vital ingredient.. People!!

Most of us involved with the organisation of this year's events are from the Community Council and, to be honest, past the age of lugging seats, marquees, tables etc around the village.

We also need new blood and ideas. The reason we commenced our quest to bring back the Gala was largely for the children of the village who have missed out these last few years on what our kids enjoyed when they were young. Indeed, a lot of that generation commented on their memories of Menstrie Galas in years gone by. Also we want to have a Community event to bring all corners of the village together.

We are hosting an open evening on Tuesday 16th September at 7.30 pm in the Library where we invite you young'uns to come along and see how you can help.

We want to set up a totally new team to work towards next year's events. We would hate to lose what we have just established and we look to the community to support this initiative.

If you can't make the meeting but would like to get involved then e-mail thechair@menstrie.org or menstriematters@btinternet.com.

It's not about committee meetings and stuff; it really is fun and rewarding. It's also for the future.

September 2008

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