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Menstrie Community Council

Fete Week and Gala Day 2009

The decision has been made to go ahead with the village Fete Week and Gala Day in 2009. The event was so successful in 2008 we felt it would be a pity not to do it again. There is a tremendous amount of work involved and we have already taken steps to spread the load a little better next year.

Anyone interested in helping on the day please get in touch with any of the Community Council or phone me (number in the phone book) or e-mail me at menstriematters@btinternet.com. We have divided the events into small manageable sections, so into the new year we will be looking for people to come forward and take a little part and make it work. The next issue of the Menstrie Matters will be the one that counts as far as getting people involved and making the great day work.

Dates of Gala meetings will be posted on the Village notice board at the Dumyat Car Park.

Anyone who wants to do anything in particular and have their own ideas, please come forward.

Linda Matheson

Dates for your diary

The Fete Week will run from Sunday 7th of June ending with a Ceilidh on the evening of the Gala.

The Gala Day will be on Saturday 13th of June

Dates for the Gala Meetings are as follows:

Volunteers Needed

Is there anyone out there who could make TWO THRONES ?

Is there anyone out there who could do the banners, placards and any graphic design for the Fete Week and Gala Day ?

December 2008

Updated January 2009

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