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Menstrie Gala Committee

Fete Week Day June 7th to June 13th 2009

In connection with this year's Fete Week in June, we are planning to run a Short Story Writing competition. Members of the community are invited to submit a Short Story that features in some way or other village life (fictional, of course) as its setting, should be no longer than 3,000 words and must be the entrant's own work.

If you are interested in putting your creative writing skills to the test and love telling a good / interesting / scary / fascinating / strange / exciting/ unusual / frightening / entertaining / funny / hilarious / amusing / thought-provoking ...etc. story, then sharpen your pencils and put on your thinking caps!

For further information such as details of the competition, story-writing form sheets, guidelines and entry sheets, please contact me, Tel. 761651.

Entries should be sent to 24, Middleton, Menstrie, FK11 7HA

The closing date is May 15th, 2009: I look forward to hearing from you.


Art, photography, floral art and craft exhibitions

We are looking for contributions from as many people as possible. Remember when you came last year and said "I could do that." Well - please do. There are no prizes: it is just for people to come and meet and admire. Look out for further information.


The parade route will be similar to last year's, but we are hoping (depending on police) to go up Abercrombie Place, on to Main Road then down Brook Street, avoiding the bottleneck at the Burnside Road Bridge. If your house is anywhere on the route why don't you get the flags out or, better still, go to town and decorate the old fashioned way.

Tug o' war

We are hoping to have a Tug 0' War at the Gala so we are looking for teams of 5 to participate. Any group interested, please contact Les Sharp c/o The Burnside Inn.

Something completely different ...

At the Gala we are going to have FERRET RACING. So all you people in Menstrie who have ferrets and would like some fun, please enter your pet ferret by getting in touch with Linda Matheson, Les Sharp or Alison Muirhead.

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March 2009

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