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Letters to Menstrie Matters

M. Deans writes:

To Menstrie Matters,

I have lived in Menstrie for 5 years now and in all that time my visitors have great difficulty finding East Mains. It is shown at the top at the main road but when you get to the bottom, it's anybody's guess where you go next. A sign at the top of the road going round to East Mains would be of great benefit I'm sure. Two other things are the very small car park in the village and the very few shops. With so many new houses one would think it necessary to do something.

Yours, M. Deans

Community Council Response:

We absolutely agree with you and we have passed this over to Clackmannanshire council. We have had no response as yet but we will keep at it on your and the other residents behalf.

Caroline Crawford (Secretary)

September 2007

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