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Fox questioned

Despite my appreciation of the other Andy Scott pieces in the county, I am embarrassed every time I pass ours. A fox with shorts and a 'hoodie' on? Why? Because someone has seen one picture of one child with one fox? And why are the clothes added? Who knows.
Having lived in the village for nearly 30 years, close to the hillside, I have seen many deer, rabbits, pheasants, squirrels, hedgehogs, even sheep in the garden! But only once in all that time have we spied a fox.

Mrs C Cowan

Flags praised

I am pleased to see the Nova Scotian flag flying in Menstrie. My reason for making such a statement is that I have been fortunate, over the past 3 years, to be involved in a Falkirk Council youth project which included an International Youth Exchange with a 1st Nations youth group from Millbrook Community near Halifax, Nova Scotia. (1 st nations is now the term for "Red Indian"). This particular community belong to the Mi'Kmaq tribe which are Eastern Canada's oldest inhabitants. Having spent 3 weeks living with the people of Mill brook, I have learned so much about their fascinating culture and beliefs but also the harrowing side of the extreme discrimination faced by 1st Nations people over the years. As many readers will know the 1st Nation culture and belief has also influenced the way in which Europeans work - for example Circle Time. I now have many friends in Nova Scotia and recently had a wonderful holiday touring that part of the world where I met more 'kitties' and Gaelic speakers than I would here at home.

If any club or organisation is interested in hearing more about my association with Nova Scotian Mi'Kmaq then I am happy to come along and give a presentation.

John Nicolson

The Community Council have already asked John if he would give a talk during the Fete Week in June and he has agreed to do so. Thank you, John.


We have received letters recently from Menstrie residents rightly annoyed about dog fouling.

Dumyat Road

Re dog mess on the path to the new houses from Dumyat Road.
12 blue bags have been thrown in the bushes on the left and on the path by the burn up to the farm: There are about 10 bags hanging on the undergrowth. Why bother ? If they can't take them home, put them in the bins; there are plenty of them. Do people realise these bags will be there for years ? I collected some in the summer but not again!

JB (name supplied)

Main Street

Who is walking their dog on the Main Street and letting it foul the pavements ?

Les Sharp (as Menstrie resident)

Pine Crescent

This letter was sent to Clackmannanshire Council, Menstrie Matters and Gordon Banks M.P.

Letter date 19th Jan
Dear Sirs,
I wish to draw your attention to the state of ALL the pavements, Avenues and grassy areas in the village of Menstrie. Dog fouling at its worst! There does not seem to be enough "Poo" bins and also a lack of respect of dog owners when the dog fouls the walkways. On the lane at the rear of our property we counted 12 "Poo" bags thrown into the shrubbery, which as you are aware, the residents of Menstrie Mains pay a factor for. The factor says it is not his responsibility to clear the mess so I ask - who is responsible?

If we had more bins maybe they would get used but till then something MUST be done to improve the whole village of Menstrie. Our Council Tax is high so can you not spend some of this money on (A) a Street Cleaner, (B) a Dog Warden to monitor the situation and hand out fines to those who disobey this law on dog fouling ? I await with interest your reply to this urgent request.

Yours faithfully,
Mr & Mrs J M (Name supplied)

The Community Council Chairman has responded to this in writing and a copy can be requested from him at any time.

The Community Council comments:

Reading the Clackmannanshire Council web site, it seems the problem of Dog Fouling has got worse throughout the county. There is to be a big push by the Warden Services to clamp down on this and fixed penalties will be issued.

What we in the Community Council cannot understand is the habit of some dog owners of just tossing the bags into the trees and bushes. The lovely walk along the Back Road is festooned with green/blue 'Poo Bags' and the end of 'The Dog Walk' at D.C.L. is a disgrace. We have requested a bin at the exit but as it is on private ground we are having problems. There is a bin on the back road. If the dog owner can lift it up, surely he or she can carry it less than a mile.

Be assured this subject IS discussed regularly at the Community Council meetings.

See previous discussion on this topic.

March 2009

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