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Letters to The Community Council

Nova Scotia Week, September 2009

From Mr Ian Russell, a former resident of Menstrie, now living in Canada

On the 6th April in the City of Halifax Nova Scotia, Nova Scotians celebrate Tartan day at the House of Legislator our Parliament buildings. This day is recognised by the Government as an "Official" day.

The idea of Tartan day was started by a Nova Scotian resident Mrs Jean Watson to celebrate the Scottish Heritage and Cultures in Canada. This spread throughout the world and Jean was responsible for the American Government declaring 6th April as Tartan Week / Scotland Week, in which the Scottish Government and many business people descend upon New York to showcase Scotland. For the first time they will also include The City of Toronto Canada in Scotland Week.

Here in Nova Scotia we will have a full day of events taking place in the City of Halifax and towns all around the province.

Nova Scotia Week in Stirling from the 9th September till the 16th September 2009 will, of course, include a day's visit to the birthplace of Nova Scotia: MENSTRIE. My wife Marjorie was brought up in Menstrie and we lived a large part of our married life in the village so this is going to be very special for both of us along with our Nova Scotian delegates who will be joining us.

It is planned that they will visit Menstrie Castle, the Nova Scotia Room and the new Nova Scotia Gardens in Midtown. We are going to plant a maple tree in the gardens and install a plaque in the Nova Scotia Room to commemorate the Late Honourable Michael Baker QC who was Nova Scotia's Finance Minister and was a great supporter of Nova Scotia Week taking place. Michael's death was untimely at the age of 52 but he truly was a GREAT man and proud to be a NEW SCOT. We hope to bring his widow and his two boys with us so that they can see the beauty of Menstrie and set foot on the same soil that Michael had done in 2005.

I hope your viewers and all residents of Menstrie will come along on that day and celebrate with us. We will also present a Nova Scotia Flag to both the Gardens and the Castle.

I cannot finish this letter without saying that three in Menstrie deserve to be praised and thanked for their tremendous effort and support in all that we are trying to do to rekindle the long relationship that has existed between Menstrie and Nova Scotia. I mention Mr Les Sharp and Mrs Caroline Crawford and I would also mention Councillor Janice Paterson for without their support and dedication Nova scotia Week would not be taking place.

I would also like to say a very special 'Thank You' to the following people who have also supported our endeavours:

Kindest Regards
Ian Russell

More information about Tartan Day and Mrs Jean Watson from Wikipedia.
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April 2009

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