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Letters to Menstrie Matters

Poppy Appeal, 2009

I would like to thank everyone in Menstrie for their support.

The village raised a wonderful £1,424.58: Well done and thank you very much.

Maureen Hunter,
Area Organiser for the Poppy Appeal Scotland

Brown Bins and Garden Waste

Dear Community Council and Menstrie Matters,

I agree with Les and Tom's puzzlement and disgust, expressed in the [September] Menstrie Matters, about garden tidyings dumped in the wood. However, there must have been a reason why the perpetrator went the length of taking it there rather than using the brown bin.
Perhaps the brown bin was full. In summer, when lawns and hedges are growing apace, bins soon fill up; often in less than three weeks.
Perhaps the Council would increase the frequency of their brown bin collection in the growing season(s)?

John Lee

Can Anybody Help ? (1)

40 years ago I had a pen pal in Menstrie, Clackmannanshire. We wrote each other for about 4 years. He and I were in High School. His name was David McGowan and he would be in his 60's now. He talked about going into chemistry at Edinburgh University. I don't know if he ever did.
I would love to be in touch with him once again to see how his life has been going. His family owned a home in Menstrie at the time, but I don't know if they still reside there.
Can you help?

Wilma Brownstein in USA
(email addresses provided)

Menstrie Matters Editor comments:

I forwarded the above letter to Tom Mack, who has lived in the village all his life and has always been heavily involved with the Boy Scouts. His response is as follows:

The American lady's enquiry has me intrigued. I have no knowledge of a David McGowan residing in the village, although I cannot profess to have known everyone who stayed in the village but I would have had a fair knowledge of most people of 40 years ago. I did, however, know a David Gowans who stayed at West Main Street next door to where Les Sharp now lives. David's mother ran a small grocer's shop from her premises. Sadly he died some years ago. He was a bright lad becoming, I think, a senior planning officer with Manchester City Council.
I will be interested to see what comes of the article when published in Menstrie Matters

Can Anybody Help ? (2)

Hello, My name is Margaret Roy and I live in Orkney. I am researching my family tree.
I have found out that my great-great-grandmother stayed at 8 Millhouse, Middleton. Can anybody tell me if it is still there? It is mentioned in the 1009 census. The family name is Munro or Gillis

Tom answers:

Regarding Margaret Roy's request. I think she must be talking about the early 1920's or earlier but perhaps some of the very elderly members of the village may know something. I'm sure she means Midtown and not Middleton in her reference to the address. Mill House, as I remember it, would have stood roughly where we planted the maple trees recently. There was also another Mill House where the Scout Hall garage now stands. I will, however, make some enquiries among my "ancient" Menstrie friends.

[Any reader of this page who can help either lady should contact Editor, Menstrie Matters at menstriematters@btinternet.com.
Also, try 'ScotlandsPeople', the official government source of genealogical data for Scotland - ed.]

December 2009

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