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Letters to Menstrie Matters

Buying and selling used goods

I am writing in regards to the November 2009 issue of the Menstrie Matters and would like to express interest in a "For Sale" section. I have quite some items, especially baby "stuff', for sale.

By the way, is there some kind of flea market in Menstrie on a regular basis? I would especially welcome a baby market which gives families the chance to buy and sell their unwanted baby items. The Dumyat Centre would be an ideal place for that. How can something like that be initiated?

I would be very grateful for your opinion on that.

Menstrie Matters Editor replies:

I advised this lady to get in touch with the toddler groups.
(I have lost your email, if you want to get in touch with me again, please do.)

Vice-Chairman praised, Christmas tree improvements suggested, disgust at fouling dog-owners

I wish to thank one of our Community Council members, Mr Stan Paterson, for his concern for the safety of the residents in Burnside Road in our recent snow and frost since before Christmas. He went out with his barrow to 'borrow' salt from salt bins elsewhere as Burnside had none and he scattered it down the Burnside path and over the bridge as they were so slippy and did endanger the folks from Burnside Road of breaking limbs. I believe I can say 'Thank you Stan' from most of the Burnside Road residents.

Secondly - The village Christmas tree was so much better than last year but still lacked decoration. Why not put a box in the Spar if they would allow, for decorations that people did not want. The trend seems to be that most homes change their colour scheme each year. So why not put the discarded ones in the box and that way I am sure we will, for once, have the best tree in the county.

My last part of this letter is one of sheer disgust. Being a responsible dog owner, a Jack Russell, it is awful that so many others allow their dogs to foul the pavements etc. Especially when the snow was on the ground. Did they think that was OK ?! What about the poor mothers with push chairs who had no choice but to stay on the pavements? They would not know 'dog poo' was on the wheels until they entered their homes. For goodness sake, all Dog Owners, please think of others and let us responsible ones feel better knowing that no one is pointing their fingers at us.

Yours sincerely,
Mrs. Jean Smith.

Menstrie Matters Editor replies:

Thank you Mrs Smith for your comments.

The issue of dog fouling, you will see, has already been brought to our attention.

We do our best with the Christmas Tree. We had a lot more lights last year and intend to add to more again in December. We were happy with the result but we realise that the affect is only shown at night. It is a large tree, the decorations need to be waterproof and pretty substantial if there are high winds. Anyone with any good ideas would be more than welcome to organise something.
It is the village Christmas Tree everyone has an input. Would someone like to take this on?

Stan Paterson the Vice Chair of the Community Council is a great asset to our village.

Menstrie Matters Editor writes:

Someone phoned me just before Christmas and I lost your phone number, for which I apologise.
The lady asked if I had information on the person who advertised that they were able to convert Video to DVD. I am sorry I do not have that on file any longer but if both parties like to get in touch with me in the usual way I will put you in touch.

Linda Matheson

March 2010

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