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Letters to The Community Council

Christian Aid Week, 9 to 15 May 2010

During the Week, Menstrie Christian Aid Group held a door-to-door collection, sponsored walk round Gartmorn Dam followed by a BBQ, and a soup lunch in the Church Hall to help raise funds for Christian Aid. This year we raised £2464. Many thanks to everyone who helped in any way with the fund-raising, to those who donated so generously, and to all who gave so much of their time. All the money raised will help some of the world's poorest countries and see lives changed.

A huge 'thank you' to everyone in Menstrie who donated so generously.

Nancy Hay
on behalf of Menstrie Christian Aid Group

Beware "Vardis" scam

One of our (WeePrint's) clients was scammed recently so I would like to bring this to everyone's attention: There is a scam going around at the moment by a company called Vardis. They claim to be putting together a magazine for the Foresters' Fund for Children and your advert could go into it. Basically go to Google, search for "Vardis scam" and check out the blogs and the forums.

Also BT are doing the rounds with very pushy salesmen who are after stupid amounts of money from you each month so watch out for them !!!!!!

Please all be careful and don't agree to anything over the phone. Ask for them to send terms and conditions and other materials to you, then check them on Google to see if they are legitimate.

Best Wishes,
Jenny from WeePrint

Windsor Street crows

There is a considerable problem with crows in the trees in Windsor Street. They are making it impossible for residents to put washing out or even to enjoy their own garden space. The Council intend to put dummy Red Kites up in an effort to make the crows nest somewhere else. If this fails the next move would be to lop the trees.

Janis Paterson "as a resident of Windsor Street", and not in her official Council role, will survey the residents of the street and the council will act on their wishes.

This information was passed to us by Councillor Eddie Carrick.

Litter bin taken away

The bin at the bottom of Cardboard Hill has disappeared. It used to stand in the car park just across the Old Bridge from the Scout Hall. I often pick up other people's discarded cans, bottles and bags when coming down Cardboard Hill and that bin was a handy receptacle.

Please would you ask the council to put it back.

John Lee

The Community Council replies:

This was reported to the council in June.

Watch out, there's a thief about ( ... to nick your purse)

Be extra careful with your handbags and purses in Stirling town centre. We have heard of several people having their purses stolen from their handbags in recent months.

The Editor

Plea for more responsible dog management

Could people please refrain from walking their dogs on the school playing fields. Some of these dogs with irresponsible owners are leaving their calling card. This was especially hard to understand at the time of the School Sports !!!


July 2010

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