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Letters to The Community Council

Road and traffic issues

The Chairman contacted Clackmannanshire Council about road-related matters discussed at the Community Council Meeting in September and here is the reply from Mac West, the Roads & Transportation Manager.

Good afternoon Les
Thanks for your e-mail with attached letter regarding points raised at Menstrie Community Council.
I will respond to each of your issues in turn.

Middleton - We are aware that some residents have concerns about this junction. However, visibility and stopping distances are adequate for the speed limit on the road. Drivers exiting Middleton should be vigilant, as should drivers at all junctions, but drivers coming from Menstrie do have time to slow down if Middleton drivers are slow to make their manoeuvres. We have checked the accident record for this stretch of road and there has been one recorded injury accident in the vicinity of the junction in the last 10 years. This involved a cyclist being clipped by a car wing mirror. The bus stop flags do not obstruct the driver's line of sight. If buses were to be stopped at either of the bus stops then they would limit the drivers' view of the road but this is to be expected and drivers should only manoeuvre when it is safe to do so. There can be a group waiting to board the school service bus in the morning but at other times of the day the stops are lightly used. The hedges that might impinge on drivers' sight lines are in the grounds of the surrounding properties and, when checked this week, were well pruned and not overhanging the footways.

Speed Signs - We have had the vegetation that was obstructing the 30 mph signs cut back.

Vehicle Actuated Sign - As you state the sign is out of order. Arrangements are being made to have it repaired or, if necessary, replaced.

Forthvale - We have not received any direct complaints regarding the speed of traffic on Forthvale. The area surrounding the school is traffic calmed and has a 20 mph speed limit. We are considering imposing a 20 mph limit on the majority of residential streets and this is likely to be introduced over the next 3 years. We have no plans to introduce traffic calming on Forthvale.

Salt Bins - The Council's criterion for the provision of salt bins is that they will be located where there are steep gradients, sharp bends and awkward cul-de-sacs. We currently have over 300 bin locations which meet these criteria and is the limit that we can adequately service. As the Middleton Kerse area is predominantly flat there are no current proposals to provide additional bins. However we do recognise the value of working closely with communities and are considering ways that we can assist build community resilience and encourage community action to supplement the capabilities of the Council in dealing with severe weather.

Park Road South - Council funding is for publicly adopted roads and Park Road South is a private road. As such we have no plans to resurface it. As it is a route which children might choose to use to get to school, I will ask that its condition be checked and any potholes considered to be a safety hazard to pedestrians be filled with Type 1.

Mac West
Roads & Transportation Manager
Clackmannanshire Council
Tel: 01259 452624
E-mail: mwest@clacks.gov.uk
20 September 2011

September 2011

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